The case for Collective Defense in the U.S. energy sector

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America’s energy sector—including the oil and gas and electric power generation and transmission industries—has long faced significant threats in the cyber arena.  Four years ago,  the Idaho National Lab for the U.S. Department of Energy reported that “threats from malicious cyber attacks on the North American electric grid continue to ... Read More

Cyber in the US financial sector: A critical need for collaboration

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It almost goes without saying that America’s financial services sector—at the heart of our economy and success as a nation—regularly faces significant cyber attacks from a wide range of threat actors.  And while the idea that these bad actors are heavily focused on the financial sector is completely unsurprising—after all, ... Read More

A call for unity in cybersecurity

We live today in a world beset by cyber risk. It’s all around us — whether it’s potential election manipulation by a nation-state adversary like Russia, China, or Iran; a ransomware attack by a criminal group to gain financial advantage; or the theft of intellectual property, identity information, or digital ... Read More