What are the Challenges of Using Open Source Cybersecurity Tools?

By making their source code freely available, developers of open source software rely on the power of the wider community in order to help them audit and improve their code. Not only this but also by involving the wider community of users in the development of software, a broader spectrum ... Read More

The Fight Against the Next Generation of Cyber Threats

The finance sector has long been a primary target for cybercrime, and that will not be changing any time soon; the challenge that most financial institutions face is staying one step ahead of their cyber adversaries. A recent SWIFT Institute paper, “Forces Shaping the Cyber Threat Landscape for Financial Institutions,” ... Read More

What is the cost of a data breach?

If your company isn’t taking important steps to protect against a potential data breach, it might be time to worry – attacks on businesses and organizations are increasing, and so are their costs. According to a new study by the Ponemon Institute, an average cost of a “regular” breach ranges ... Read More