The Customer Event | June 13, 2019 in Madrid

Join us at an exclusive customer-only event in Madrid later this week. The Customer Event will kick off the new Cipher brand and cover hot topics in security and privacy ... Read More

Cipher Named 2019 Top 100 Security Provider by CRN

Cipher has been named a Top 100 Managed Security Provider (MSP) for the 2nd year in a row by The Channel Company's CRN. The list "recognizes the top technology providers in North America whose forward-thinking approach to providing managed services is changing the landscape of the IT channel." ... Read More

CIPHER Selected as Top 10 Best Performing MSSP

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CIPHER is honored to be selected as a Top Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) by Insights Success Magazine ... Read More

Ways to Protect Your Org from Insider Threats

| | Data Loss Prevention
Data theft and insider threats are a significant problem for organizations of all sizes. Most employees have access to documents and information that they themselves created, and many have access to the data that they did not create personally ... Read More

Avoid these Common Security Misconfigurations

Security misconfigurations are still part of OWASP’s Top 10 Security Risk list. This indicates they have been a persistent issue over the years. Security misconfigurations happen when supposed safeguards still leave vulnerabilities in a website or application. This normally happens when a system or database administrator or developer does not ... Read More

Tips for Securing Internet-Connected Cameras

Once a digital video camera is connected to the Internet, it immediately gets an IP address and may start sending information about itself. Using this IP-address, any such device can be searched and found with the help of a “native” application or, for example, an IoT search engine like Shodan ... Read More

The Top Ways Threat Actors Steal Sensitive Data

We all are aware that there’s an almost infinite number of hackers out there whose absolute goal it to steal and misuse any sensitive data they get their hands on by any means, ... Read More

5 Essential Data Security Questions for Developers

1. What security features and controls are built into your product? Every software product should include the following aspects: ... Read More

All About the Hotspot Honeypots

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The Hotspot Honeypot is an illegitimate Wi-Fi access point which can appear as an authorized and secure hotspot. Despite appearances, it is actually set up by black-hat attackers or malicious hackers to steal your bank and credit card details, passwords and other personal information ... Read More

Top Ways to Mitigate an Insider Threat

Organizations have historically implemented external-facing technologies such as firewalls and proxies to deal with external threats, but with the emerging prominence of insider threats, technologies are being developed to deal with these new problems. Imagine the threat posed by disgruntled IT personnel with full understanding of the organization’s network structure, ... Read More

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