Ostrich Cyber-Risk Announces Partnership with C-Risk to Strengthen Cybersecurity Resilience and Innovation

SALT LAKE CITY, — Ostrich Cyber-Risk (Ostrich), a pioneer and prestigious provider of cyber-risk management solutions, is excited to announce a partnership with C-Risk, a leading service provider of cyber risk management in Europe.

Tom Callaghan, Co-Founder of C-Risk, commented, “C-Risk has built a portfolio of services which help our clients to unlock the value of quantitative risk management. We are thrilled to announce our professional services partnership with Ostrich Cyber Risk. The Ostrich platform provides both an innovative control framework assessment solution and a fully Open FAIR™ compliant CRQ tool to model risk in financial terms. We look forward to working with our joint clients to leverage these capabilities to accelerate business value from the application of quantitative risk management.”

Greg Spicer, Co-Founder and CRO of Ostrich Cyber-Risk, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with C-Risk. Their reputation and consultative expertise in cyber risk is a perfect pairing with our Birdseye™ CRQ application. We look forward to jointly delivering solutions to the cybersecurity community to effectively address cyber risk in quantifiable terms.”

Ostrich Cyber-Risk and C-Risk anticipate a collaborative journey that will empower organizations to navigate the complex landscape of cyber risks with confidence, signifying a shared commitment to advancing cybersecurity standards and providing organizations with robust tools to quantify materiality, make informed decisions, and safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

About Ostrich Cyber-Risk

A recognized leader in cyber-risk management, Ostrich empowers risk and security teams to proactively assess cyber risk exposure in financial terms. Our Birdseye™ Cyber Risk Management application, grounded in industry benchmarks like NIST CSF, ISO, MITRE, and CRI, combines qualitative risk analysis and quantitative scenario simulation through the Open FAIR™ ontology. This unique approach enables organizations to swiftly prioritize and quantify financial and operational risks in real-time to make informed business decisions on cybersecurity. Learn more here.

About C-Risk

C-Risk is a recognized expert in risk management and Cyber Risk Quantification using the FAIR™ methodology. This deep expertise in information and technology risk extends across multiple sectors, making C-Risk a trusted partner for organizations worldwide. Since launching in 2016, C-Risk has helped clients understand the information risks specific to their business, target their security investments more effectively, and protect their critical digital assets. C-Risk also provides CRQ training, equipping risk professionals and decision-makers with effective methods to analyze and communicate cyber risk in financial terms. Driven by their commitment to growth and innovation, C-Risk is broadening its geographic presence and ramping up its research and development efforts to improve existing use cases and develop new ways to use CRQ. This strategic expansion will build up their internal capabilities while providing customers unparalleled value in cyber risk management. Visit and follow at @C-Risk.

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