Votiro Executive and Innovative Technology Named Winner In Industry Award Programs

We are proud to announce that Aviv Grafi, CTO and Founder of Votiro has been named a Gold Winner in the Executive of the Year | Security Cloud/SaaS category by the 2023 Globee Cybersecurity World Awards. The Globee Cybersecurity World Awards recognizes cybersecurity companies and professionals for their innovative approaches and effective solutions in ensuring security in the digital age.

Aviv is the principal software architect for Votiro’s enterprise solutions, which are based on a unique Positive Selection® technology that provides complete protection against file-borne threats within an organization. Since the company’s inception in 2010, Aviv has transformed the the technology and product line into a SaaS offering, built in advanced threat analytic capabilities, expanded file sanitization features to eliminate threats threats in the most obscure file types and achieve meaningful integrations with key technology partners including Box, Adobe, VMWare, Menlo and SumoLogic. The Globee Cybersecurity World Awards has also recognized Votiro as a Silver winner in the Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) category.

In addition, Votiro was named a winner by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, which honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in security. The company has been named a Gold winner in the following categories:

These award wins are a testament to Votiro’s ability to protect enterprises from both known and unknown threats. Votiro’s award-winning technology sanitizes every file before it reaches users and applications. Incoming files and content are processed through Votiro’s Positive Selection® engine, removing unidentified file objects that may contain hidden malware. Because Votiro’s CDR technology only allows the positive elements of files into organizations, it does not alert users when a threat has been detected, it just automatically eliminates it.

Votiro’s CDR technology also serves as a trusted ally in helping enterprises increase their security posture and apply Zero Trust security principles to their data. Votiro’s scalability, speed and ability to offer open, API-based integrations with existing IT and application providers makes them the industry’s leading API-first CDR provider. Not only can Votiro’s CDR solution neutralize file-borne threats and safeguard enterprise data, but it also helps users optimize their Zero Trust strategies.

These wins come on the heels of the company’s recent launch of its RetroScan functionality, showcasing the value of the company’s sanitization mechanism. Votiro’s stealthy and preventative technology does not alert users when a threat has been detected, it just automatically eliminates it. But, with the launch of RetroScan, Votiro can report on exactly what threats within the customers’ ecosystem were previously unidentified and provide insight into the types of threats prevented by Votiro, most of which would have been missed by traditional detection-based technologies.

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