Three Ways to Strengthen Your Email Security Despite Resource Constraints

Email security is a must-have for all organizations, regardless of size. Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are feeling the strain of limited resources, strained budgets and downward pressure to do more with less. With that in mind, it’s important to consider how SMBs can effectively manage their email security needs with fewer resources.

Vendor Consolidation

One of the best strategies for managing email security with fewer resources is vendor consolidation. By consolidating multiple vendors into one solution, SMBs can reduce the amount of time and effort they spend dealing with multiple vendors while still getting the same or even greater level of protection. Furthermore, consolidating vendors allows you to simplify your management processes while reducing costs—a win-win situation!

Resource Optimization

Another way to manage email security with fewer resources is through resource optimization. This means taking a look at your current processes and seeing where you can streamline or automate them, allowing you to do more with less effort. For example, using automation tools to help save time on manual tasks and free up resources for other tasks that require more attention or expertise. Additionally, leveraging cloud-based solutions can help reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining an on-premises solution.

Do More With Less

Additionally, SMBs should focus on doing more with less when it comes to their email security process. This means leveraging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency and effectiveness without needing additional staff or budget allocations. It also means taking advantage of timely and relevant security awareness training programs so users understand the importance of email security and have the skills needed to protect the organization against potential threats in the future.

Cofense Can Help

Protect+,the latest innovation from Cofense, delivers all of this and more. Protect+ is an advanced email security and protection solution that keeps organizations protected from today’s sophisticated email attacks such as ransomware, malware, and business email compromise (BEC) and incorporates robust security awareness training in one platform. Cofense Protect+ leverages our crowd-sourced intelligence and enterprise-grade IOC matching to detect and stop advanced email threats missed by traditional security solutions, catching attempts before they reach the employees’ inboxes.

Key Customer Benefits of Protect+

  • Full-Featured Capabilities: 3-in-1 Email Security – Protection, Simulation, and Training in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Fully Automated: Protect+ is fully automated and extremely low touch which allows for rapid deployment and a “set it and forget it” environment.
  • Real-Time Scanning and Analysis: Protect+ uses Cofense’s crowd-sourced intelligence and scans emails in real-time to make instantaneous decisions as to whether emails are malicious. Email attacks are detected upon arrival and are automatically moved away from the user’s inbox.
  • Elegant Yet User-Friendly Dashboards: Consolidated easy-to-use dashboards that provide value-based reporting to keep management aware of the company’s ROI. Customers leverage a single screen for configuration up front when they initially deploy the solution and then never have to touch it again.
  • Detected Inbox: Shows the status of every email that Cofense has scanned and detected, and the status of that email (malicious IOC, BEC, etc.) This gives customers greater context of threat should they need to drill down into the details.

Email security is essential for all organizations, but especially those that face the challenges many SMBs face in today’s economy. Fortunately, there are strategies SMBs can use to strengthen their email security despite resource constraints. These include vendor consolidation, resource optimization, and doing more with less by utilizing automation tools and highly effective security awareness training programs. By following these strategies—as well as investing in a reliable third-party solution—SMBs can rest assured knowing they have strong email security measures in place without breaking the bank or overburdening their staff members.

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