Customer Story: General Beverage – Email Security That’s Not Just Hops and Dreams

#### *Learn why General Beverage uses Armorblox to protect its organization against sophisticated email threats that were bypassing their Microsoft Office native email security and Secure Email Gateway, such as VIP impersonation, malware, BEC, financial fraud, and more.*

## **The Customer**

General Beverage is the largest wholesale distributor of wine, distilled spirits, beer, soda, and other beverages in Wisconsin. They consult with, sell to, and service over 11,400 licensed beverage retailers located in all of Wisconsin’s 72 Counties.

## **The Challenge**

General Beverage was experiencing email threats, such as BEC, malware, payroll fraud, phishing attempts, and more, that were bypassing their Secure Email Gateway and Microsoft Office 365 native email security defenses. They needed a solution that could detect and stop these threats before reaching their end users. 

General Beverage was also losing hours of valuable time spent on manual remediation of user-reported phishing threats. They needed a solution that would automate these time-consuming processes and allow them to quickly remove malicious emails across the entire organization in a matter of seconds. 

Armorblox was the solution they had been searching for. 

## **The Solution**


#### **Armorblox Email Security with Advanced Threat Prevention**

Armorblox email security leverages the power of Natural Language Understanding and machine learning models to understand the context and contents of email communications. We connect to your email provider via API in only 5 minutes and start working immediately to protect your organization against email threats that can bypass traditional email security tools. 

Even with Microsoft Office 365 native email security and a Secure Email Gateway, General Beverage was seeing malicious threats slipping through and reaching their end users. Armorblox was able to detect, categorize, and stop these threats much more effectively. 

> Armorblox is an email security solution that leverages natural language understanding and that allows it to find things like business email compromise, phishing attempts, payroll fraud, and things that may be missed by a traditional secure email gateway because they don’t have a malicious payload. They don’t have a URL or attachment that may detect them as malicious. Armorblox continues to catch threats that make it past both Microsoft 365’s filters and our secure email gateway’s filters.
> \- Brien Borchardt, Director of Information Technology, General Beverage

With Armorblox, General Beverage is able to protect its employees against email threats that could result in loss of money, compromised accounts, and sensitive data loss. This also includes vendor compromise and supply chain attack protection. 

> There have been business email compromises detected by Armorblox where a known business partner of ours has had a compromising event and sent a malicious email to us that had bypassed our traditional filters.
> \- Brien Borchardt, Director of Information Technology, General Beverage

## **The Benefits**

### **Time Savings & Improved Security Posture**

A major benefit of using Armorblox is the valuable time that is saved through automating the remediation of user-reported phishing emails. Eliminating the need for repetitive work, Armorblox easily finds and remediates malicious emails across hundreds of users’ inboxes with just one click. 

> Armorblox has allowed my small IT team to act like a much larger IT team by performing tasks in a much more timely manner. Armorblox automation is serving up data and performing remediation on our behalf much faster than we could do it with traditional tooling.
> \- Brien Borchardt, Director of Information Technology, General Beverage 

Because Armorblox continuously learns from actions taken, the platform improves over time and requires little maintenance from security teams. Armorblox Abuse Mailbox automation analyzes every user-reported email to remediate known threats, weed out false positives, and escalate more sophisticated email threats to admins for review. 

> Before we had Armorblox, finding and remediating matching threats when a threat was reported was a process that had to be done manually and took hours of an analyst’s time. With Armorblox, the process has been reduced to a single click, saving us multiple man-hours per week.
> \-Brien Borchardt, Director of Information Technology, General Beverage 

Easy-to-consume threat insights are provided for every email and detected threats—such as socially engineered and BEC attacks—are automatically remediated based on pre-configured actions (delete, quarantine, block, lock account). These actions are easily configured by the security team and automatically get applied across similar threats.

With so much time saved, General Beverage’s team was freed up to focus on more proactive measures that would improve their overall security posture. 

> The value that Armorblox has brought to our company is more than just email security. It has freed up technician time to work on support requests, initiatives, and projects that have remained on the backlog for years that we’re now able to focus on, and make a more secure, more supportable organization across the board.
> \-Brien Borchardt, Director of Information Technology, General Beverage 

With Armorblox connected to their user-reported phishing mailbox, malicious attacks are automatically remediated without the need for human investigation or manual work. This directly benefits security teams with a 75-97% reduction in time spent on phishing remediation. 

### **Improved Employee Engagement and Phishing Reporting** 

Armorblox also provides in-email contextual warning banners that warn employees of potentially dangerous emails. This helps with overall employee awareness and cybersecurity training that is based on real threats and not just simulations. 

> The surprising thing about implementing Armorblox has been the level of user engagement that we’ve seen. Our users really generate some excitement around reporting a malicious email and getting that feedback, telling them they got it right and that they’ve helped the organization.
> \-Brien Borchardt, Director of Information Technology, General Beverage 

Having an email security solution that provides this information directly to end users enables security teams to provide tailored security training and remediation actions across the organization. These warning banners provide continued end-user education by adding contextual information, specific to each targeted threat, on why an email was detected and flagged as suspicious.

Watch the full video to hear why Brien Borchardt believes,

> Our organization’s security posture has improved greatly since implementing Armorblox, and it lets me sleep a lot better at night.

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