Introducing LogRhythm Axon: A Cloud-Native SaaS Platform 

It’s not every day when you embark on a new journey that will transform your organization. Today we unveiled LogRhythm Axon, our new 100% cloud-native platform.   

With nearly 20 years of security experience, we’ve listened to our customers and have built a cloud-native platform from the ground up. We developed the software you need to easily ingest disparate logs, while offering an easy-to-use analyst experience that’s delivered from the cloud. With our potent combination of collection technology, data ingestion, and analyst workflow, our goal is simple — to help you focus on the work that matters. 

LogRhythm’s journey  

This product release marks an important milestone for LogRhythm. It signals the start of a new chapter in our product arsenal and our renewed commitment to customers to innovate our security offerings and bring needed advantages to a crowded market. 

At LogRhythm, we constantly collect feedback from our users, analysts, and our partners. It’s something we take pride in. And with additional direct feedback from over 25 customers and multiple partners who participated in our Early Access Axon program, we made exciting enhancements to the Axon platform over the past several months and have many more planned for the future.  

The new Axon platform 

LogRhythm Axon is a groundbreaking cloud-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform built for security teams that are stretched thin by overwhelming amounts of data and an ever-evolving threat landscape. Built from the ground up, Axon’s intuitive experience gives analysts contextual analytics into cybersecurity threats to reduce noise and quickly secure the environment. Axon reduces the burden of distractions from managing data and the operating infrastructure, helping security teams prioritize and focus on the work that matters. 

  • Simplified collection and enrichment of logs boost SecOps productivity and efficiency  
  • Enhanced reporting of threats to reduce workload of an analyst 
  • Intuitive interface enhances visualization and searchability of logs to help security teams analysts investigate threats easily 
  • Reduces the burden of hardware infrastructure and software upgrades on the security team 

The timing of the Axon release  

Why are we launching a cloud-native platform now? It’s simple — customers are asking for cloud-native security options, and LogRhythm is responsive to customer feedback. But instead of building Axon on our existing foundation, we leveraged our experience and learnings of nearly 20 years from our customers to fundamentally rethink how we provide our customers best solution in the cloud native era. Our team put a lot of thought and work into building an intuitive, easy to use platform that allows security teams to go faster. This will enable you to identify and remediate threats more quickly and focus on critical business needs. In addition, it helps us support a diverse customer set and help customers that we previously could not effectively serve.  

Our roadmap vision 

As a security company, we’re constantly evolving our products and services to keep pace with the latest threats. While the initial launch of LogRhythm Axon focuses on log management, we have a broader vision for our platform. As we continue to expand our Axon platform with advanced security analytics, threat detection, and response, Axon will seamlessly evolve into a cloud-native security operations platform.  

This is a new beginning … one of many great things to come. But we’re not resting on our laurels. We’ll continue to learn and adapt with our customers’ feedback as our North star. That’s what will make LogRhythm and our products stronger. As we look forward, we will be even better — we’re thrilled about the road ahead. To learn more about LogRhythm Axon, read the product data sheet.  

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