Votiro Partners With Owl Cyber Defense to Protect Secure Networks from Threats in Files

Zero Trust integration to ensure secure flow of files and content between networks at differing security levels

NEW YORK – September 27, 2022 – Votiro, a global leader in Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology (CDR), today announced a partnership with Owl Cyber Defense, the global market leader in cross domain, data diode, and network cybersecurity solutions. Through this partnership, Votiro’s CDR solution will integrate with Owl’s hardware-enforced data diode and cross domain solutions to ensure secure file transfers into isolated government ministry networks.

Attacks on government ministries have been steadily increasing over the past few years. Earlier this year, researchers voiced concern over an influx of targeted attacks on military industrial complex enterprises and public institutions across the globe. These concerns are a part of an upward trend of attacks against global and international governments. Attacks against government entities can not only result in the breach of classified data, but can amount to a hefty price tag. The 2022 IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report found that each public sector incident cost an average of $2.07 million. As the severity of these attacks continue to occur, organizations are strengthening their defenses by deploying data diodes and cross domain solutions, such as Owl Cyber Defense, that facilitate secure data transfers between networks at differing security levels, preventing potential cyber exploits.

“We are really excited to extend the range of cybersecurity protection we offer our customers with the addition of Votiro’s CDR capability,” said Scott Coleman, VP of Product Management at Owl. “The value proposition for the combined solution is straight-forward – create absolute network protection and segmentation using hardware, and once it is locked down only allow clean, sanitized files in. This is part of our strategic direction to expand protection and integrate with our customer’s existing cybersecurity stack.”

Votiro’s CDR solution will be integrated into Owl’s data diode and cross domain solutions to protect secure, isolated networks where files transfers into the network are necessary. Owl’s data diode and cross domain solutions provide hardware-enforced, secure data transfers between networks at differing security levels. Through the integration of Votiro, Owl can extend the range of cybersecurity protection they offer customers and add an essential layer of security to prevent new and unknown file-borne threats from entering secure networks. Votiro’s revolutionary technology proactively removes zero-days, known, and unknown malware and ransomware while the content is in-motion, ensuring agility, data usability and productivity.

“Attacks on government ministries are becoming far-reaching and dangerous, creating a need for more advanced data security solutions. It is critical that these organizations are securing every channel that data and content flows. That’s exactly what we are offering at Votiro. Our Zero Trust content security strategy delivers safe file content to users anywhere it is accessed and proactively prevents evasive and unknown cyber threats,” said Ravi Srinivasan, CEO of Votiro. “This is our first partnership in the U.S. with a cybersecurity solution that defends critical networks around the world, and we’re excited to partner with Owl to further our joint mission of keeping malicious threats out of the organizations.”

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