A Roadmap for Achieving Comprehensive Identity Management

In the digital age, businesses are required to manage an ever-increasing number of identities. These identities can be employees, customers, or partners, and each has different access needs that must be considered across the lifecycle of their relationship with the organization. To complicate matters further, most organizations rely on multiple systems for identity management, which can lead to fragmentation and inaccurate identity data.

These systems can include Human Resource (HR) systems, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) systems, and Privileged Account Management (PAM) systems. Each system may contain different data about an individual entity’s relationship with the organization, and it can be difficult to combine this data into a single identity record.

In order to move toward comprehensive identity management, businesses need to ensure they have an accurate understanding of each individual entity’s relationship with the organization relative to its access needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for integrating identity systems.

Learn the steps that will help determine the best approach for your organization by reading the full Solutions Review byline article by David Lee, Director of Product Management here.

Solutions Review - A Roadmap for Achieving Comprehensive Identity Management - D Lee

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