3 Challenges of Remote Support in Zero Trust (And How to Overcome Them)

What can make a data breach even more expensive? Remote access.

Research indicates that the average cost of a data breach is $1.07M higher when remote work is a core factor of the breach. In short, if your workforce has gone into a hybrid or remote schedule, effective data security is more vital than ever.

Where there’s remote access, there come additional challenges. Overcoming these challenges is crucial in keeping your company’s data safe—and your workforce productive. With workers operating on personal devices, on unsecured networks, and more, maintaining security while avoiding locking up your workers’ access with too-strict micro-segmentation can be tricky.  

This post will walk you through the challenges of providing remote support in a Zero Trust architecture and how to overcome those challenges. 


Origins of Zero Trust in Cybersecurity 

Before we discuss the challenges associated with remote support in Zero Trust, let’s first (Read more...)

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