Video: The Challenges With Using “Out of the Box” Cloud Security Solutions

MixMode’s VP of Engineering, Jeff Behl, discusses the limitations of cloud security solutions that come “out of the box” from cloud providers like AWS. While initially, the rules-based solutions do provide a level of security, Behl warns about the challenges of zero-day attacks as well as the overwhelming amount of alerts that fatigue security teams. 

“Rules can inundate the end users with too much data,” Behl says. “So, you have a thousand rules, that sounds more secure in your system, it’s probably not. Why? Because it’s generating a thousand times more information if not more. It’s going to overwhelm the people in the back-end, they’re going to get fatigued from it, and it’s going to put you in a more dangerous spot.”

Behl dives deeper into this challenge and how MixMode’s Third-Wave AI is helping to solve cloud security challenges in this video:

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