What’s New in Hysolate – Easier Management for Admins, Improved User Experience

It’s been a busy few months at Hysolate, so we decided to put our biggest new feature releases together in one place, so you can maximize your Hysolate usage, and keep your team working securely and productively.

Easier Management for Hysolate Admins

New dashboard

We’ve created a new dashboard to make managing Hysolate even easier. You can see all your management data in one place, including user lifecycle (invited, downloaded, installed), daily active users, device status, user activity over time and user policies. This makes it easier for you to install, deploy and manage Hysolate for your team.

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More policy controls in the Management Console

We’ve added several new configurations to the Hysolate Management Console, giving admins more tools and control over the behavior of Hysolate.

To list a few:

  • Security controls over user permissions within Hysolate, so that admins can better control what users can do with their Workspace.
  • Admins can now choose to keep user data persistent, or have it cleared on every restart.
  • A watermark can be displayed on the Workspace, to deter leakage of information from internal or external sources via screenshots (or help trace the exact source of such leaks).

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Not every admin needs access to the full suite of management controls the Hysolate Management Console allows. We added a number of roles which allow you granular control around user access to the management console. This helps to make Hysolate more manageable, especially in an enterprise environment.

SIEM integration

Now you can automatically feed administrator and Hysolate user activity data into a SIEM tool or another auditing tool, including Splunk and QRadar. This integration gives you extra tools to proactively monitor for potential security issues or malicious access attempts, and collect all the data in one place for easier manageability and data analysis.

And your users will love these updates as well!

Improved user sign-in and update experience processes

We simplified the user sign-in and onboarding process by removing the need to remember and manage another password. We replaced it with a modern and sleek OTP mechanism.

In addition, we’ve made updating the Hysolate version or applications seamless. The version or application updates no longer bug users, but update silently when the computer or Hysolate is restarted.

Power saving for improved performance

We made sure Hysolate’s native user experience has minimal impact on your user’s device performance, and their work. When it is not being used, Hysolate uses smart algorithms to automatically go into a paused state, minimizing its performance impact.

And finally, we announced Hysolate Free!

We’ve created Hysolate Free, a forever free sandbox solution for Windows 10, so that now everybody can isolate risky activities on their endpoint devices. While Hysolate Free doesn’t offer the management and flexibility of Hysolate, it allows every user to isolate risky documents, applications, websites and peripherals. We’ve designed Hysolate Free to mimic your Windows 10 UX, and it’s super easy to install and run, no technical expertise needed. Hysolate Free means that you can try Hysolate for yourself.

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