Top 8 Benefits of a Remote Internship at LogRhythm

Remote internships can provide a wide range of benefits. Whether you’re a current student or a recent graduate, an internship gives you the chance to apply your skills, advance your career, and try new things. A remote internship may seem less traditional, but it can offer all these opportunities and more. Your schedule and work location may be more flexible. You may even be able to work at a company outside your geographical area, pursuing a position that might not otherwise have been available to you.

LogRhythm’s internship program provides a challenging and supportive work experience. Wherever you live, the LogRhythm intern program could be a great fit for you.

Why LogRhythm? Here are some of the many reasons to choose LogRhythm for your next internship based on my experience in the program:

  1. Impactful Work – From the beginning of your internship, you are a full and valued member of your team. Alongside your teammates, you will complete important work that contributes to company goals.
  2. Intern Networking – Throughout your internship, you will have opportunities to meet and network with others at LogRhythm, from your fellow interns to company executives.
  3. Learning Modules – Your learning will not be limited to subjects that align with your job title as you explore and engage with presentations on a variety of business topics.
  4. Mentorship – You will work with an intern program mentor who can help answer your questions, offer career advice, and more. You may also find other mentors both within and outside your team, as LogRhythm employees are welcoming and always willing to help.
  5. Intern Presentation – I had the opportunity to collaborate  with other interns to conduct research and prepare a group presentation on a business topic. We presented our work to members of the executive team, which was an invaluable experience.
  6. Individual Projects – Your team will help you select projects that interest you. You might have the chance to improve a product or create something new, and you’ll be able to contribute to every step of the process.
  7. Self-Guided Learning – LogRhythm provides employees with a Udemy subscription and other resources for learning. You may even be given some time to self-study technologies or other topics of interest, allowing you to enhance your skills in areas outside your day-to-day responsibilities.
  8. Business Workflows – You’ll gain experience with the business practices and workflows your coworkers regularly use, such as Agile ceremonies and planning for those in the Engineering department.

The LogRhythm internship experience has already taught me so much, and I would highly recommend the program to other students looking to gain real-world experience at a cybersecurity company. You can learn more about available internship opportunities on the LogRhythm careers page.


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