Protecting Collaboration Channels for Remote Work

In a recent article for Security Boulevard, Ossi Tiainen identified 15 high-potential companies in the cybersecurity space…and Ermetic is included! Ossi posits that securing collaboration and communication apps is more important than ever because of the recent huge shift to remote work.

Even before 2020 and the age of COVID-19, enterprises had shifted from email as the sole communication and collaboration tool. More than six different enterprise communication and collaboration (EC&C) applications had entered the arena and over time, we’ve seen usage expand from internal collaboration to include customers, partners and subcontractors. EC&C tools are a gold mine for hackers because of perceived safety and security.

Tiainen believes that the next generation of significant software companies will be created through APIs and says that while the API approach is not yet the standard in cybersecurity, “it is an industry that is dominated by incumbents with broad end-to-end platforms.”

Tiainen continues:

In the new normal, API-based, cloud-native SaaS solutions secure any communication and collaboration channel against any type of attack, including phishing, malware or business email compromise. That approach provides users with several key advantages.

Read the full Security Boulevard article to see who else is included in the list of companies with high potential who are poised to grow in this space.

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