Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for April 23, 2021

Here are the ideas and insights we explored this week: 

The Right Relationship Builds Better Outcomes

When we have a good relationship, we are often more flexible in our thinking and our approach. We have more trust and work toward a shared understanding. 

How do we handle folks when their self-assessment doesn’t match our reality?

“Everyone says they are flexible, collaborative, etc.” — but sometimes they sure don’t seem that way to us. We explored the connections between authority, power, and force. And then we talked about the devastating impact of fear. 

Flexibility: a key for current and future success

Sharp insights on developing the practice of actively working to disprove first instincts instead of locking-in and doubling down. We talked about the importance of working through the OODA (orient, observe, detect, act) faster than attackers. And how ‘rehearsing’ sets the stage for success. 

Why we need to show more of our work

Perhaps we gain flexibility if we’re willing to tolerate the discomfort of showing our work — our forming thoughts and ideas. Shifting the focus toward exploring and improving. Embracing there are more than one good ideas (and more than one truths, too). 

Where did all the critical thinking go?

The basis for critical thinking is seeing, accepting, and understanding the situation AS IT IS. Sometimes this is called situational awareness. You need self-awareness to develop situational awareness. 

How do we elevate others on their journey?

We pulled it all together by exploring the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell others. And how, as leaders, we can help align with the fear and help people work through it. When we bring in more perspectives, we not only gain clarity, but we help reframe the situation. And then good things happen.  

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