Hello from Invicti Security: A New Identity for Our Family of Products

In case you’re meeting us for the first time, we’re Invicti, the company behind Netsparker and Acunetix. Today, we are thrilled to announce some exciting changes to our visual identity that you will see rolling out over the next few weeks. We’ve made these changes to better serve our customers, partners, and the industry, and to reflect who we are: a single company with two industry-leading web application security products.

Although we’ve been in the web application security testing space since 2005, Invicti was formed in 2018, when Acunetix and Netsparker were brought together to form Invicti Security. We combined two great teams with deep expertise in DAST and IAST. We’ve learned together and continually improved our products – and since coming together, we’ve tripled our revenue and grown to nearly 300 employees.

Today, our 3100+ customers span 117 countries and range from small businesses to global enterprises, across a wide variety of industries, with security teams ranging in size from one person to hundreds. Even in that diversity, our customers have a lot in common: an obsession with security, a need to do a lot with finite resources, and the drive to move their organization’s security posture forward every day.

We recognize our customers have big goals, and our logo changes are meant to demonstrate that Invicti Security is one company with the products needed for customers of any size to secure their web applications.

Our new product logos align more closely with each other and with the Invicti logo. The new design honors their heritage while demonstrating that we are one company with two great products.

We’re proud of the great work our design team did on this project. The Acunetix red and Netsparker blue have become more energetic and bold, signaling the pioneering and nimble approach we take to building our products and supporting our customers. Meanwhile, the beacon imagery from the Invicti brand is carried through to further emphasize our cohesion and show that we are one company.

You’ve likely noticed some changes to our websites as well – and our product experience will soon follow. Ultimately, our products and web presence will adopt an updated design system that will continue to improve the user experience our customers know and love.

Of course, just like security, branding and user experience work is never really done. We’re proud of this new step in our evolution into a more unified company, and as we continue to grow, we will keep pushing our brand forward to make sure it reflects our mission and values.

Kelly Davis-Felner
SVP Marketing

Kelly leads the global marketing team at Invicti Security (the parent company of Acunetix (of Netsparker)) and is a passionate and experienced marketing leader with more than 15 years of experience building brands and growing revenue in the tech space. In her free time she enjoys travel, the outdoors, and live music.

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