Chillisoft takes on LogRhythm training duties in AN/Z

Auckland-headquartered cybersecurity distribution specialist Chillisoft has been selected by LogRhythm as an Authorised Training Centre provider, claiming to be the first such provider outside the United States.

Based in the US, LogRhythm specialises in security operations centre (SOCs) technology, including security information and event management (SIEM), log management, network and endpoint monitoring and forensics, and security analytics.

The LogRhythm Training Services Authorised Programme lets partners of the cybersecurity vendor provide training services while building and improving upon a classroom experience with continuity of service, tailored offerings, instructor time zone alignment and other regional adjustments, such as virtual or in-person training.

Broadly, LogRhythm’s customer training programmes provide extensive foundational product training for security administrators and analysts to build their knowledge and expertise.

The new deal sees Chillisoft in a position to train LogRhythm customers on the vendor’s platform to better support end users across both Australia and New Zealand.

“Strategically, this certification gives the Chillisoft business in Australia and New Zealand massive benefits at the channel and end-user level, and significantly increases our capacity and our capabilities to meet local demand for robust upskilling in cybersecurity skills,” Chillisoft CEO Alex Teh said.

“We are thrilled that our expert knowledge and strong investment in LogRhythm have been recognised with this training accreditation,” he added.

As part of its certification, Chillisoft’s Certified LogRhythm Instructor underwent a stringent certification programme that included LogRhythm’s Admin and Analyst training, and Train the Trainer programmes.

Chillisoft is now authorised to provide training services in LogRhythm administration fundamentals, artificial intelligence (AI) engine fundamentals and analyst fundamentals.

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