Tripwire’s February 2021 Patch Priority Index (PPI) brings together important vulnerabilities from Apache, VWware and Microsoft.

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First on the patch priority list this month is a patch for Apache Tomcat. The Apache Tomcat “Ghostcat” vulnerability, identified as CVE-2020-1938, has been recently added to the Metasploit Exploit Framework.

Next on the list are patches for ESXi and vCenter. These patches resolve three issues including heap-overflow, SSRF, and remote code execution. Note that proof of concept exploit code is available for CVE-2021-21972.

Up next on the patch priority list this month are patches for Microsoft Excel. These patches resolve four remote code execution vulnerabilities.

Next are patches that affect components of the Windows operating systems. These patches resolve over 25 vulnerabilities including elevation of privilege, information disclosure, remote code execution, denial of service and memory corruption vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities affect core Windows, Graphics, Hyper-V, Camera Codec, Event Tracing, PKU2U, TCP/IP, Fax Service, Console Driver and others.

Up next is a patch that resolves a denial-of-service vulnerability for the .NET Framework.

Lastly, administrators should focus on server-side patches for Microsoft, which resolve issues in Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics, Exchange, SharePoint, DNS and Skype for Business and Lync. These patches resolve several issues including remote code execution, information disclosure, XSS, denial of service and spoofing vulnerabilities.

Exploit Framework – Metasploit CVE-2020-1938
VWware VMSA-2021-0002 CVE-2021-21974, CVE-2021-21972, CVE-2021-21973
Microsoft Office Excel CVE-2021-24070, CVE-2021-24069, CVE-2021-24067, CVE-2021-24068
Microsoft Windows CVE-2020-17162,CVE-2021-1727, CVE-2021-24106,CVE-2021-24075,CVE-2021-24082,CVE-2021-24093,CVE-2021-24081,CVE-2021-24091,CVE-2021-24102,CVE-2021-24103,CVE-2021-24096,CVE-2021-1732,CVE-2021-1698, CVE-2021-24076,CVE-2021-1734, CVE-2021-24083,CVE-2021-25195,CVE-2021-24079,CVE-2021-24086,CVE-2021-24074,CVE-2021-24094,CVE-2021-24080,CVE-2021-24088,CVE-2021-24084,CVE-2021-1731, CVE-2021-24077,CVE-2021-1722, CVE-2021-24098
.NET Framework CVE-2021-24111
Microsoft Dynamics CVE-2021-24101,CVE-2021-1724
Microsoft Exchange Server CVE-2021-1730, CVE-2021-24085
Microsoft Office SharePoint CVE-2021-24071,CVE-2021-24066,CVE-2021-24072,CVE-2021-1726
DNS Server CVE-2021-24078
Skype for Business CVE-2021-24099, CVE-2021-24073