New in Nexus Repository 3.30: Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Support for Expanded Cloud Platform Deployments

We are excited to announce Azure Blob Storage support with Nexus Repository Pro available in 3.30 release! Nexus Repository Pro users can now manage and deploy their critical infrastructure on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. As cloud-native architecture continues to impact DevOps teams with container orchestration and management, immutable infrastructure, and faster application development, Nexus Repository delivers secure, cloud-based storage for all your components and artifact binaries. Organizations of all sizes are turning to Nexus to scale their traditional on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

Key Highlights for Azure Blob Storage support in Nexus Repository Pro:

  • Faster speeds for development teams accessing artifacts
  • Expanded cloud native storage
  • On-prem to cloud infrastructure deployments
  • Scalability with unlimited storage capacity
  • Modern DevOps workflow with native support for Azure Managed Identity
  • Disaster Recovery and redundancy capabilities
  • Azure Public Cloud + Azure Gov Cloud support
  • Enhanced security and authentication across development teams

Whether your teams have a business mandate to move all infrastructure to Microsoft Azure or it’s the beginning of your journey for storing and managing your development pipelines in the cloud, we are excited to see the continued growth of Nexus Repository customers gaining the benefits of native support for Azure Blob Storage!

How to Create Blob Stores on Azure Cloud Storage Using Nexus Repository Pro

In the latest release, Nexus Repository Pro provides built-in support of reading and writing to Azure Blob Storage. An Azure Blob Store saves blobs as objects within a storage account container on Microsoft Azure. Binaries are stored as Block Blobs to provide the best performance and storage flexibility. For a walk through of how to create blob stores using Azure Cloud Storage, check out the demo video below..


  • Azure Blob Storage is only recommended for Nexus Repository installations hosted in Azure.
  • The Azure Blob Store should (Read more...)

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