More Girls are Now Joining the CyberSecurity Industry

Working with some of the biggest brands in the world to help them fight fraud can sound challenging. Of course, being a girl and working in the cybersecurity space is challenging, but also very enjoyable.

As a software engineer at Arkose Labs, I feel honored to be working with some of the most reputed global brands. It’s not just about working with the big global names, but also the satisfaction of seeing your efforts translate into a product that will help protect people from cyber threats. Based on the understanding of the requirements that our customers request for, we build features into our product and help them resolve the problems they face.

Building features and developing a product may sound a bit too technical, but it is one of the most enjoyable jobs one can do. I enjoy every bit of it and I am sure girls aspiring to join product development teams will also find it enjoyable.

Helping clients solve unique problems

For me, it is interesting to learn about the specific needs that the companies have as they seek our help to tackle the problems and the pain areas. For instance, one of the companies with many brands wanted multiple style themes for our Enforcement Challenges. This would help them serve their individual customer brands while maintaining each brand’s unique identity. Our enforcement challenges can be easily brand-integrated using branding elements of the clients’. This ensures the challenges are on-brand and minimize disruption so that consumers get a seamless brand experience.

In another instance, a technology major needed support for 96 languages. We make our challenges available in multiple languages as well as make them Section 508 compliant for people of varied abilities. One of the clients needed a highly accessible app that would comply with the a11y standards. Still another client wanted the ability to track screenshots posted on social media (a feature named Embedded Session ID).

Interaction with the best brains in the industry

Given the diverse needs of our clients and the varied problems they are trying to solve, I get to learn about the numerous ways our product can be customized to beautifully adapt to these diverse needs. It also provides me with an opportunity to dig deeper into the problem and consider multiple approaches to build specific features that would be the best possible solution. In the process, I get to interact with some of the best brains in the industry and hone my skills.

What amazes me about our product—and the many customizable features that we build into it—is the simplicity of its approach, which is to bankrupt the business model of fraud. We are continuously enhancing our product with useful features to ensure we support our clients in their fight against fraud without unnecessarily disrupting the end-user experience.

More girls are now joining Cybersecurity 

Although product development, in general, and the cybersecurity industry, in particular, are still male-dominated, the number of girls and women joining the cybersecurity industry is now rising. This is a positive development, as it can help improve products with features that make them useful to a larger audience. 

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