Early Access: The 2021 Invicti AppSec Indicator

Each year we analyze the most common web application vulnerabilities across thousands of assets and release the annual Invicti Appsec Indicator report. This year the results might surprise you.

Join us Tuesday, April 6th at 8:00 AM CT // 3:00 PM CET for a sneak peek of the results where we explore how specific web app risks have changed over time and provide our thoughts on what is driving these changes.

Learning Objectives:

  • How often specific vulnerabilities were found in 2020
  • How industry trends and headline-grabbing events might have impacted these results
  • How Invicti can protect your organization from these vulnerabilities and from ending up as a headline



Saran Toure
Marketing Event Specialist

Saran Toure is a Marketing Event Specialist for Invicti Security (the parent company of Acunetix). She is responsible for planning and executing trade shows, webinars, and other events.

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