While I was teaching, one of my students asked if I had seen Cybergeddon, a film distributed by Yahoo! in 2012. I had not, so I decided it would be fun for VERT to watch the film and review it, since my hobby is writing film reviews for RotundReviews.

Cybergeddon is not talked about as much as it should be given some of the background around it. It should be noted that while we’ll reference it as a film, it was originally distributed as a web series comprised of nine episodes and then later merged into a film. The film was distributed by Yahoo! and sponsored by Norton, which provided actual virus code to add to the film’s realism. The film was produced with a budget of $6M, which is pretty much the same budget that Donnie Darko is estimated to have had a decade earlier.

The series was created by Anthony E. Zuiker, best known as the creator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He won the Pioneer prize at the 2013 International Digital Emmy Awards for his then-groundbreaking work connecting Silicon Valley and Hollywood with this film. It wasn’t just big names behind the scenes; the film had some big name stars, as well. Missy Peregrym was the film’s lead and has starred in series such as Reaper, Rookie Blue and FBI. Peregrym won a  Streamy Award for her work in Cybergeddon. The series also featured Manny Montana, a well-known television actor who has appeared in Graceland, Good Girls and Conviction.

In Cybergeddon, an FBI Agent (Peregrym) is framed for a crime as revenge for her investigations and must team up with a hacker in order to clear her name and prevent a major crime. The film is a rather well-paced thriller that holds your attention. (Read more...)