The Cybereason Malop: Achieving Operation-Centric Security

Targeted attacks are increasingly taking aim at multiple users and devices simultaneously as well as leveraging a wider range of tactics, techniques and procedures. 

Defenders are forced to work in silos because tools focus only on the assets they are designed to protect: one solution for the endpoint, another for cloud, another for mobile, another for identity, and so on. This forces security teams to look at attacker operations isolated events with no correlation across devices, platforms and users. 

The Cybereason Malop

Traditional solutions are alert-centric, generating huge volumes of unconnected event notifications that lack context and require a great deal of investigation in order to understand how they are related even when they are all part of the same attack. 

This inefficiency-by-design requires intense manual analyst intervention. Responding to part of an attack only slows the adversary, it does not actually end the attack. 

An alert-centric approach leaves attackers the opportunity to remain hidden in a network’s seams. This is why companies keep spending more on security every year, yet nothing ever seems to be more secure.

Defenders must be able to quickly identify, and respond to malicious operations (Malops) with surgical precision, to be able to think, adapt, and act more swiftly than attackers can adjust their tactics. 

An operation-centric approach to security allows defenders to instantly visualize the whole of a MalopTM from root cause to every affected endpoint in real-time through multi-stage visualizations that deliver all of the details of an attack across all devices and all users immediately. 

An operation-centric approach requires that all of the relevant attack data can be collected, processed and remain accessible in real-time. This reduces detection and remediation periods, frees up valuable resources that can be applied to other security initiatives, and produces significant improvements in overall operational efficiency for the security program. 

Operation-centric security breaks down the threat intelligence silos, reverses the attacker advantage, and returns the high ground to the defenders by extending detection and response capabilities across the endpoint, the enterprise, to everything. 

Contact a Cybereason defender today to learn how your organization can experience the deep context and correlations delivered by the Cybereason Malop to achieve an operation-centric approach and a future-ready security posture.

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