Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for February 12, 2021

We welcomed new faces to the international office hours dialogue. With a guiding focus on security, business, communication, leadership, and personal development.

We have no limits and explore the topics and challenges of the group. 

AppSec/API Security 2022

Here are the highlights we covered this week: 

Why do security leaders hate their vendors? 

We compared and contrasted the experience with different technology leaders and from all sides of the relationship. We weren’t bashing or blaming, but exploring ways to reduce the friction and increase the value for everyone. 

How do we get better at recognizing the value in ourselves?

What happens when the feedback doesn’t match what we see and experience? We explored how the friction of this mismatch erodes (our) value and destroys trust – and ways to reframe the situation, connect with our value, and learn. 

How do we get get better at asking better questions?

Fun exploration into asking better questions in an effort to get a more complete, more accurate picture. I shared the painful lesson(s) into learning the importance of evaluating the responses to your better questions. 

“If I burn this, you do not burn”

A quote shared about a formative experience in separating ourselves from the products of our labor. 

How do we adapt security to change with the organization?

As opposed to waiting and trying to catch up later? I shared some insights I gained this week on how to reframe the security team and navigate through change and uncertainty to success. 

We continued to interleave discussions about the ongoing themes of maps, map-making, concepts from The Guide to Take Back Your Week, and the power of reframing and asking questions. 

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And we’ll solve them together

Here’s the video recap:

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