Practical Ways Older Adults Can Manage Their Security Online

Have you ever wanted to help your parents or an elderly friend or relative by providing an online resource that is both informative, offers practical tips and definitions about security, and is also easy to understand?

I have, and the new book Senior Cyber by Scott and Craig Schober offers that helpful guide you’ve been looking for.   

What’s Inside?

The first thing that immediately jumps out at any reader of Senior Cyber is the large print. Add in funny cartoon pictures at key moments to illustrate definitions (such as malware) and key concepts (like pickpockets in cyberspace), and you get a great combination.

The easy-to-read book offers technology stories in everyday language. I don’t want this review to scare readers with techno-jargon, but a ton is covered.

Basic tech and security topics:
• email, browsers, search engines
• big data pitfalls, privacy, security
• health-care cybersecurity
• computer and smartphone basics
• politics of technology
• Internet and phone scams to avoid
• video chat in the age of COVID-19

Advanced security topics:
• spotting email phishing scams
• dealing with spam and junk mail
• creating strong passwords
• keeping your searches private
• avoiding big data collection
• stopping identity theft before and after death
• securing your digital footprint

The thing I really like about this layout and format is how easy the book is to read and digest. 

About The Authors

Craig W. Schober has an impressive resume. He is an accomplished writer, viral marketer and award-winning filmmaker.

I have interacted with Scott Schober on numerous occasions, and he is an amazing cybersecurity expert who explains difficult concepts in refreshing ways. Scott has been the president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems since 1999. His LinkedIn profile is not only impressive, it is also full of great interviews with cyberexperts from around the world that he shares openly.

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Scott on “What keeps Dan Lohrmann up at night?” The interview is shown below. (I must admit that Scott has a unique flair for capturing facial expressions that make the discussion look more heated than it actually is, which is one aspect of his exceptional marketing.)

More from Scott N. Schober and Craig W. Schober

I have known Scott Schober for more than six years, and I continue to be impressed with his books, company, security content, interviews and more. 

Back in 2016, I reviewed Scott’s first book, Hacked Again.

In 2019, I reviewed his second book, Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business.

For the right senior audience, one that is generally intimidated by online security topics, Senior Cyber offers the perfect mix of relevant material, easy-to-read format and fun examples. I strongly endorse the book without hesitation with 5 stars for that audience.

You can buy the book on or at



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