Most Popular Cybersecurity Blog Posts from 2020

2020 was a year that most people would like to forget. And yet, perhaps in large part as a result of the global pandemic and the 2020 U.S. elections, cybersecurity stories were more popular than ever.

As highlighted last month in my year-end top story blog, the top cybersecurity theme was all about the ways that the COVID-19 Crisis Brought a Cyber Pandemic.

And the trend continues regarding a surge in cyberpredictions for 2021. There are more security predictions, tech forecasts, cybertrends and related theme lists than ever before.   

So readers always ask: What were the most popular Lohrmann on Cybersecurity & Infrastructure blogs in the past year?

We crunch the numbers every January and offer you the opportunity to go back and focus in on the topics that others are reading and spending their time on or have special significance. For comparison purposes, here are the blog metrics from 2019.

Overall, blog page views are up over 50 percent from 2019 to 2020, after rising over 25 percent from 2018 to 2019.

Top 10 Blog Posts Read in 2020

  1. The Top 20 Security Predictions for 2020Whether you call them cybersecurity forecasts, online risk trends or security predictions, here’s a roundup of what our top security companies, industry experts and tech magazines are saying about the year (and decade) ahead. How can you prepare for 2020?
  2. Chip Implants: The Next Big Privacy DebateSome say we will all, eventually, be chipped. Others say — never! Let the privacy, legal, technical, professional, medical, security, political, religious and ‘oh so personal’ battles begin.
  3. Widespread Unemployment Fraud Is Overwhelming State SystemsState government unemployment systems are under attack from fraudulent applications, as Pandemic Unemployment Assistance programs nationwide are being targeted by cybercriminals. And the situation is only getting worse.
  4. How Is COVID-19 Creating Data Breaches?From telework mistakes, to virus-related phishing links, to new work processes to nation-state hackers, here’s how the coronavirus creates new opportunities for cybercriminals.
  5. 2019: The Year Ransomware Targeted State & Local GovernmentsAnother eventful year online, with more data breaches, malware battles and identity thefts. But the surge in successful, targeted ransomware attacks against governments and hospitals is the top 2019 cybersecurity story.
  6. Is a ‘Cyber Pandemic’ Coming?Over the past week, multiple global business leaders warned of a coming cyberattack with devastating impacts. Is this just FUD or current reality? Let’s explore.
  7. Coronavirus Scams: Phishing, Fake Alerts and CyberthreatsAs new global stories emerge by the hour on the coronavirus, bad actors are (again) trying to confuse online updates with phishing scams and destructive malware. Here’s why action is required now.
  8. Office Work: Will We Ever Go Back?As governments lift stay-at-home emergency orders, organizations are grappling with what it means to reopen offices. What will change? Will telework be the new normal? Let’s explore.
  9. Coronavirus: The Unexpected Human Element at RSA Conference 2020Fears of the coronavirus made the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco different than any previous security conference. Here are RSAC 2020 details and future questions.
  10. Why Are Some Cybersecurity Professionals Not Finding Jobs?Global hiring experts declare huge shortages of cybersecurity professionals, so why are some qualified people still having such a hard time finding a job or even getting an interview? Let’s explore.

Another Look at the Top Blogs and Related Metrics

Here are more top blogs from last year to consider reading:

How Election Security Has Become a Top Issue — As international attention and media coverage increasingly focuses on the 2020 U.S. presidential election, election security measures will take center stage. Where are the resources?

What Could Be in a Post-Virus Infrastructure Plan? — Will there be a new round of infrastructure projects coming soon? If so, what do the proposals over the past few years teach us about what may be included? Let’s explore.

How Vulnerable Is Critical Infrastructure to a Cyberattack? — A string of new domestic and international cyberwarnings are raising new questions and alarm bells regarding global critical infrastructure protection, and the definition of what is considered critical is expanding.

Ransomware During COVID-19 — What are current trends for ransomware attacks in 2020? How has COVID-19 impacted these cyberthreats? What are the warning signs to watch out for? Let’s explore.

Could Estonia Be the Model for Secure Online Voting? — What country does elections best? With all the focus on securing the upcoming U.S. elections, let’s take a look at elections in Estonia with Joseph Carson, a global cybersecurity expert who lives there.

Security Predictions: COVID-19/Coronavirus Edition — How has COVID-19 changed the global cybersecurity landscape? Are previous security predictions and trends still valid? What’s new? Here’s a midyear forecast refresh outlining the future amid the coronavirus pandemic.

State CIOs Lead Digital Transformation During the Pandemic — In conjunction with its annual conference held this past week, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) has issued several timely reports that are worth reviewing. Here’s a roundup.

Ohio Chief Information Officer Shares 2020 IT Strategies — In this exclusive interview, Ervan Rodgers II describes actions from his first year as state government CIO in Ohio and shares key state technology strategies for the ’20s.

Impacts and Recommendations After Big Tech Congressional Testimony — As the world watched, the leaders of the largest tech companies across the globe gave testimony to Congress on many topics. Here’s what happened, what’s next and recommendations for governments and non-profits to consider.

Groundbreaking IoT Legislation Close to Becoming Law — Now that the U.S. Senate has passed the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act by unanimous consent, the stage is set for new regulation on securing Internet of Things devices and protecting essential infrastructure.

What Could Be in a Post-Virus Infrastructure Plan? — Will there be a new round of infrastructure projects coming soon? If so, what do the proposals over the past few years teach us about what may be included? Let’s explore.


Helpful Video Interviews on the Year in Cyber, SolarWinds and More


Some Overall Blog Metric Takeaways

I was not surprised by the attention given to the annual security predictions blogs, as these always receive plenty of attention and more and more global coverage. These summaries provide references to the top industry reports, and many industry colleagues express their gratitude for this post every year.

Nor was I surprised by focus on COVID-19, working from home, data breaches and ransomware. Expect more of those themes in 2021.

As we head into the 2021, there are many challenges we face, but one thing is for sure: The importance of cybersecurity continues to grow.  


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