On February 11, 2020, Offensive Security introduced a major overhaul and update to their already fantastic course: Penetration Testing with Kali Linux. Those changes included updates to their lab environment.

The study materials were substantially updated, with additional material including entire new sections on Bash Scripting, Active Directory Attacks, and PowerShell Empire. The training videos and the labs themselves were also substantially updated with many more machines available to try and compromise.

The original OSCP study guide document is 380 pages, and the 2020 updates bring the total to 853. One benefit of previously failing the OSCP is that I was able to test out the new study materials and the new lab environment. I was also able to crack a few machines that previously escaped me, giving me bragging rights to some of the most challenging machines like Gh0st, Pain Sufferance, Humble, and 1nsider. The updates and study materials are very high quality with many gems I was able to add to my toolkit. The specifics about the 2020 updates are available on the Offensive Security site.

In my previous blog, my first point was that you do not need prerequisites for this course. I just want to reiterate this point, especially because my advice is different than just about everybody else’s in this respect. You will learn the skills you lack doing the course and working the labs far better and faster than even the best courses you will find online. That’s because these skills are gamified; you will actually enjoy learning them. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to take any of these online courses, and having prior experience and knowledge is great, but don’t let not having these prerequisites hold you back. I say this as somebody who is a big fan of online courses. Prior to (Read more...)