Encryption is taking centre stage – and Entrust’s nShield HSMs are in the spotlight

Encryption has clearly taken centre stage as businesses protect what is most important to them, and the health, reputation, and sustainability of their business. Our 2020 Global Encryption Trends report revealed that only a tiny percentage of enterprises (13%) have no encryption plan or strategy in place.

Furthermore, for the first time in the study’s 15-year history, protection of customer information is the top reason for encryption, followed closely by protection of intellectual property. Encryption – and the implementation of hardware security modules (HSMs) – is no longer a compliance checkbox exercise, it’s become a strategic imperative for many businesses.

When your product or service pivots from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ the scrutiny on what and how you deliver increases massively. That’s why we were delighted with the results of our recent TechValidate customer survey, which found that 86% of organisations surveyed are likely to recommend us.

Furthermore, nearly three quarters (73%) of compliance-focused organisations say Entrust nShield HSMs help them address new security standards and 63% of surveyed organisations purchased nShield HSMs to improve their security posture.

These results indicate that our customers are not just looking for something to plug an immediate need and move on. Rather, they are looking for a way to stay ahead of evolving customer expectations and meet the demands of changing regulatory landscape.

The world of encryption and HSMs often is viewed as a ‘dark art’, even by seasoned IT security professionals, so they are seeking out providers who can deliver both products and the expertise and support they require – over half of those surveyed cited our security expertise as the key influence to choose nShield HSMs.

To quote Ricardo Akle, security officer at PSC World SA de CV: “They understand what we need, and give real solutions.”

That’s music to our ears and the integration of nShield HSMs into the Entrust family will only help strengthen our expertise, broaden our portfolio and enhance our drive to support our customers and partners into 2021 and beyond.

Read more about what our customers have to say here.

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