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As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re happy to announce that Policies in the Avast Business Management Consoles is getting a makeover. Configuring and managing policies for all your business devices is about to get easier than ever.

What’s new?

Beginning December 16, you will get access to a brand new policy management page in the Beta Management Console. We’ve made improvements to the policies architecture and as a result, you will no longer need to define separate policy settings based on the operating system of your devices, helping you save time and resources. 


  • Configure all your policy settings from one page and apply them to all devices, regardless of operating system
  • Easily create and manage exclusions in one place, and apply them to all devices, regardless of operating system
  • Create new policies with predefined settings for Workstations and Servers 
  • Reorganized settings for easy access and configuration:
    • Separate firewall settings 
    • The antivirus scans settings will be moved under the antivirus general settings
    • The restart settings for Antivirus and Patch Management will be consolidated under general settings

How will this impact my existing policies?

To make these improvements possible, you will notice some changes to your existing policies beginning on December 16, 2020. 

  • If you have custom settings based on your devices’ operating system within an existing policy, that policy will be migrated to the new architecture and separated into multiple policies based on the operating system (Windows Workstations, Windows Servers, and Mac OS X). For example, if you have one policy with different settings for Windows Workstations, Windows Servers, and Mac OS X, you will now see three different policies.
  • Your policy name will remain the same and all devices will be automatically assigned based on their operating system. 
  • The policy name will include the operating system type at the end for easy reference (for example, “Policy Name Mac Copy” and “Policy Name Windows Server Copy”).

Can I delete the duplicate policies?

Yes, you can easily modify one of your existing policies and assign devices to it. After assigning devices, you can delete your duplicate policies. 

Do I need to take action?

No action is required on your part. However, after the improvements are implemented on December 16, we highly recommend that you log into the Avast Business Management Console and review all your policies to take advantage of the new and improved Policy Management process. The new policies page will only be available in the new Beta Management Console. 

Last but not least— new look and functionalities: 

Policy Management Update 1

Policy Management Update 2

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