SBN Hot or Not? CRN Dubs CloudKnox HOT!

Author: Raj Mallempati, COO at CloudKnox 

CloudKnox Security made the 2020 CRN 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startups list! The list includes some of the sharpest minds in cloud security from Silicon Valley to New York to Israel, and we’re proud to be in such good company.

In the roundup of top companies solving the world’s cloud security challenges, CRN specifically highlights our patented Activity-Based Authorization Protocol and its ability to empower Identity and Access Management (IAM), security operations, and cloud infrastructure teams to continuously monitor and enforce least privilege, zero trust access across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

As organizations continue to prioritize digital transformation, risks associated with over-privileged identities—both human and non-human— will only be exacerbated. Part of the reason for this is that most identities use less than 1% of their permissions to perform day-to-day responsibilities and tasks. Meaning, there is a significant Permissions Gap (delta between permissions granted versus permissions used) that can be exploited to exfiltrate sensitive information. But a Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solution like the CloudKnox Permissions Management Platform can help reduce an organization’s risk of exposure by automatically enforcing least privilege, zero trust access across the enterprise.

Being included on this top 10 list serves as validation for a growing market need for a comprehensive CIEM technology like the CloudKnox Cloud Permissions Management platform. We’re working with our customers and partners to mitigate the risk of permissions abuse by eliminating the permissions or entitlements gap thereby preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. We take pride in assisting our clients with the monumental challenge of securing their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures by identifying their Cloud Permissions Gap risk and successfully implementing the principle of least privilege to address it. We are also very proud to have been selected as a AWS Security Competency partner. We are finally honored to partner with global strategic partners like Wipro, Telstra to provide Zero Trust Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management solutions to Global 5000 enterprises across financial services, pharmaceutical, utility, services, hi-tech and manufacturing verticals.

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