Ever Evolving: Jake Williams on Running an Infosec Consultancy Remotely

We spent some time with Jake Williams – founder and President at Rendition Infosec and SANS Instructor – discusses some of the challenges in remotely running a successful infosec consultancy – check it out…


About Jake Williams


Jake Williams (@malwarejake), founder at Rendition Infosec and SANS Instructor, started his security career doing classified work with the U.S. government and was awarded the National Security Agency (NSA) Exceptional Civilian Service Award.

Today, Jake runs a successful Infosec consultancy, and he’s been involved in high-profile public sector cases including the malware analysis for the 2015 cyber attack on the Ukraine power grid. Jake’s work has led to his invention of DropSmack, a proof-of-concept tool for highlighting the danger that cloud-based file sharing services pose to corporate networks, and the creation of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), a publicly-available memory anti-forensics toolkit.

He’s a regular speaker at industry conferences including DC3, BSides, DEFCON, Blackhat, Shmoocon, EnFuse, ISSA Summits, ISACA Summits, SANS Summits, and Distributech. He has also presented security topics to a number of Fortune 100 executives.

Ever Evolving Video Series

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