Cybereason and Oracle Team Up for Security at Scale from the Endpoint to the Cloud

The sudden transition to remote work brought on by the pandemic resulted in many companies ensuring employees had the necessary tools to work remotely. However, that left little focus on the rising security risks that come with home networks and endpoints.

In the post-COVID era, companies will have to rely more on public clouds for unbeatable business agility, and the accelerated market adoption of cloud for critical workloads will be threatened by the continuous expansion of the attack surface and will require a security paradigm shift.  

To address these issues, Cybereason has entered a partnership with Oracle to protect global enterprises against advanced cybersecurity threats at every endpoint and across the enterprise. Oracle and Cybereason share a vision for helping cybersecurity defenders reverse the adversary advantage. 

Enterprise customers will benefit from the Cybereason Defense Platform machine learning prevention, detection and automated remediation capabilities, and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) will provide global scalability with microsecond latency and low costs.

Key benefits of the partnership include:

Improved security and risk posture, reduced operational costs for endpoint and desktop security, and increased productivity of security operations teams 

Reduced time to detection and recovery from cyber incidents via architected-in security that reduces overall complexity, reduces the impact from human error, and improves response time with self-securing and adaptive defenses

Build in the cloud with confidence leveraging integrated security and essential services to protect paths to data across cloud and on-premises deployments and support compliance and governance.

Oracle and Cybereason also entered into a partnership to jointly market and sell solutions. Cybereason’s market-leading endpoint protection platform is optimized for delivery via Oracle’s second-generation global cloud regions. The solution is available through Cybereason and in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, where customers can search for available applications and services to find the best business solutions for their organizations. 

“We’re excited to collaborate with Oracle to enhance our company’s cloud infrastructure for our award-winning unified protection platform. We chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because of its security-first approach and performance,” said Lior Div, Cybereason CEO and cofounder. 

“Together, we will deliver unmatched visibility and risk reduction to our global customer base. Additionally, the Oracle Cloud global footprint will enable Cybereason to offer in-country hosting in more locations for meeting regulatory data sovereignty requirements.”

The collaboration means that Cybereason customers will benefit from a cloud-native architecture that secures endpoints on a global scale, and faster deployment through Oracle’s support of industry standard, open source tools like Terraform and Ansible. Oracle customers in turn will have access to the industry’s leading endpoint prevention, detection and response capabilities for the enterprise.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s global scalability, fast, microsecond latency network and low cost, the Cybereason Defense Platform is able to deliver powerful threat prevention and detection capabilities through advanced behavioral analytics and deep contextual correlations. 

“Cybereason joins a growing roster of companies adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for its industry-leading security and price performance advantages delivered across its global cloud footprint,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

“Adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will enhance Cybereason’s ability to deliver insights into threats across thousands of endpoints and enable customers to stay one step ahead of today’s most nefarious attacks.”

This multi-year partnership will deliver an initial deployment reach of about 300,000 global endpoints and create a standardized and repeatable architecture that scales quickly, provides a competitive price point for our customers, and is ready for multi-region immediate deployment based on customer demand.

Trust and flexibility are key when we work with our security customers. Working together we found a similar culture and passion. Customers want to bring together the best security architecture for protecting their cloud estate. Oracle and Cybereason give cloud users those two worlds merged so that visibility to Oracle Cloud security posture and holistic security posture is possible and reconciled as a single view.

Cybereason brings a cloud-first strategy which aligns well and extends Oracle’s security-first strategy to the endpoint. Oracle also has data centers in multiple regions not served by other cloud providers, so the Oracle and Cybereason partnership empowers customer’ operations where there are strict data sovereignty laws. Together, we look forward to better serving and securing our worldwide customer base.

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