SBN ARIA Cybersecurity Offers Free Use of ARIA ADR to Organizations Affected by “SUNBURST” Enabled Cyber Attack

The recently discovered cyber attack that is running rampant through U.S. Government agencies and commercial global organizations won’t be over for quite some time.  To assist in the breach investigation and containment efforts ARIA Cybersecurity is making the ARIA Advanced Detection and Response solution available to these organizations for a three-month period. 


The reach of this cyber attack is broad as the SolarWinds Orion Platform is installed in 33,000 U.S. Government and global organizations and it is estimated that over 18,000 organizations could be impacted by the “SUNBURST” enabled cyber attack.  By design, the Orion platform accesses an extensive portion of an organization’s network, making the potential for damage enormous. Upon penetrating the organization via the “SUNBURST” hack to the SolarWinds Orion code, the “bad actor” actively uses the network to access as many vulnerable systems as possible while using techniques to try and hide their actions.


The Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) expects that removing this threat actor from compromised environments will be highly complex and challenging for organizations.  It is also noted that the perpetrators used their initial entry to gain additional privileged access allowing them to further penetrate the organization’s network. If the attackers are already inside the network, disabling SolarWinds’ Orion is futile.


The ARIA ADR solution is designed to find and stop all forms of attacks, including the advanced persistent threat (APT) that has hamstrung over a dozen agencies, three states, and hundreds of commercial organizations as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). With 70+ patented threat models preloaded onto the solution it can detect any attacker’s actions and behaviors, making it a highly effective threat detection and response solution. It then leverages advanced machine learning (ML) to pick up on these behaviors by monitoring all network data, the security and IT architecture, and deployed applications. Using artificial intelligence (AI) it finds any bad actors, verifies their activity and correlates their actions before declaring a confirmed threat.  


ARIA Cybersecurity is extending the free use of ARIA ADR for a three-month period to detect and stop these threat actors and their activity related to the APT attack. The ARIA ADR solution is appropriate for all size organizations, as it can be dropped into any environment, works out of the box, and requires no trained staff.


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