World’s First On-Device AI Mobile Phishing Defense for SMS is Leading Industry Requirement for New Phishing 2.0 AI Protection

SlashNext, the phishing authority, today announced the world’s first on-device AI mobile phishing defense for IOS and Android with natural language and link-based detection to protect users from the exponential increase in mobile-based SMS phishing (‘SMishing’) attacks.

Now SlashNext, customers and partners can benefit from the industry’s fastest and most accurate, 2.0 mobile AI phishing defense, protecting users from all forms of phishing across all their communication channels – SMS, email, social networking, gaming, collaboration and search – without compromising user privacy or performance. In addition, telecom carriers can now offer a complete SMS phishing defense service to protect their subscribers from the onslaught of SMishing attacks.

“Bad actors know that SMS is one of the most popular ways to communicate in the new remote working and learning world,” said Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext. “Our mobile app now brings the power of on device AI and natural language processing to protect against text-based SMishing attacks in addition to link-based and the significant damage that can arise. This is a perfect service for consumers, carriers and businesses alike.”

Moving from 1.0 Human Defense to 2.0 AI Phishing Defense
Today’s threat actors are leveraging new AI phishing methods, while most phishing detection services use legacy, 1.0 tactics like domain reputation, URL inspection, and human forensics to detect phishing attacks. Organizations must start looking at next-generation, 2.0 phishing defense methods that utilize AI and dynamic analysis to detect threats. SlashNext exclusively focuses on 2.0 AI phishing defense by inspecting billions of URLs at cloud scale with virtual browsers that overcome sophisticated evasion techniques. By leveraging natural language processing, computer vision, and behavioral analysis, SlashNext detects and blocks threats hours and sometimes days before vendors using 1.0 phishing techniques.

SlashNext Mobile AI Phishing Defense
SlashNext Mobile AI Phishing Defense offers anywhere, anytime, zero-hour protection against the broadest range of phishing threats with lightweight, cloud-powered apps for iOS and Android devices. A simple, intuitive user experience blocks threats, alerts users with a warning page and offers a safe preview with information about the threat.

Additional key features and benefits:

  • Broadest Range of Protection: Protects against attacks on corporate and personal email, SMS, social media, messaging, and collaboration platforms by detecting credential stealing, rogue browser extensions, and more.
  • Lightweight App: Negligible impact on battery consumption and device performance.
  • No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or Privacy Risks: No network traffic or personally identifiable information leaves the device, so PII and user privacy remain secure.
  • Real-Time Training: Simultaneously detects, blocks, and educates at the point of click to reinforce training and remind users about real threats.
  • Easy Deployment and Management: Easily deployed and managed with leading UEM and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions or SlashNext’s Endpoint Management System for complete, real-time visibility to phishing attacks across the user base.

World’s Largest Phishing Database with Unparallel Detection and Predictive Protection
The SlashNext AI phishing detection cloud with patented SEER technology, has the industry’s largest phishing database, delivering 99.07% accuracy and one in one million false positives. SlashNext inspects billions of internet transactions and millions of suspicious URLs daily using virtual browsers to detect zero-hour phishing attacks across all communication channels– email, SMS, collaboration, messaging, social networking, and search services – up to 30 days before they are live. So, when phishing campaigns launch, the threats are already blocked by SlashNext, and users are protected immediately.

AI Phishing Defense for PCs and MACs
The same level of phishing protection is also available with SlashNext Browser Phishing Protection. Deployed as lightweight browser extensions for all popular desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge), it can be managed via leading UEM solutions or leading SSO solutions for simple user provisioning and management.

Test Drive the Service
SlashNext offers a free 14-day trial for companies that want to protect themselves today from phishing. For more information, please visit our product pages here: 


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