What’s Next in Security

Whenever we talk about what’s next for Akamai’s security portfolio, we clearly want to look at the challenges that are top of mind for our customers — both today and tomorrow. And what a year 2020 has shaped up to be in terms of new challenges for CISOs and their security teams.

While most of our customers (due to the nature of Akamai’s solutions) are clearly focused on digital business, we have seen a sea change in terms of not only how important digital has become in engaging customers, but also how digital is transforming the business overall across employees, partners, and suppliers.

Digital business is core to our customers’ new reality and is forcing many to adapt and accelerate plans to embrace digital even more quickly. However, we are all painfully aware that digital business creates new risk, yet often requires a risk-taking mindset to be successful. Many CISOs see this as an opportunity to fight risk aversion and ultimately clarify the business’ risk appetite and effectively balance risk with business goals. 

As one would expect, malicious actors have stepped up, adapted, and capitalized on the current situation. Cyberthreat activity is up across the board. At Akamai, we saw the largest-ever DDoS attacks on our platform earlier this year and a steady increase in malware, credential abuse, application-layer, and in-browser attacks. While as a community we seem to embrace threat hype and sometimes let it overshadow actual risk, we also know that the majority of CISOs and their teams are often overwhelmed by a high volume of information, data, and security alerts — not all of them actionable. 

The bottom line: The threat landscape is evolving, and attack surfaces keep shifting. 

We all know trust based on network location or a single factor of authentication is really no longer relevant. In addition, digital business often results in increasingly complex systems, which ultimately lead to more risk. In this environment, how can Akamai help our customers? 

Well, our customers have clearly told us that they would like help with:

  • More automation and simplification to mitigate a shortage of technical security staff and to reduce risk due to complexity and technical debt
  • Best practices-based security strategies for APIs, IaaS, and SaaS as rapid cloud migration continues
  • Network security transformation from appliance-based models to security services delivered at the edge
  • How to continuously prevent, detect, and respond to the unrelenting evolution of threats

Our goal at Akamai has always been to surround and protect your entire digital business infrastructure from the edge, all without appliances or a dependency on hardware, consumed as a simple security service delivered at the edge.


At Akamai, we have a track record of mitigating even the largest, most sophisticated attacks almost instantly, while shielding your apps, APIs, and infrastructure from the latest network, application-layer, and in-browser threats. Your workforce and partner ecosystem also continues to be exposed to online threats. Akamai provides seamless, secure access to your corporate applications and the internet — from anywhere.

As we look toward the future, we plan to invest in the following areas to help our customers:

  • Protect apps and APIs — Protect internet-facing apps and APIs deployed anywhere — in your data centers or in the public cloud — from network, application-layer, and in-browser attacks
  • Prevent account takeover attacks — Protect end-user identities and accounts from bot attacks and reduce fraud-related financial losses
  • Mitigate complex DDoS campaigns — Leverage the combination of a proven platform, seasoned people, and refined processes to mitigate the largest and most complex DDoS attacks
  • Secure the workforce — Control corporate app and internet access while protecting the workforce from malware and phishing on any device, anywhere

We believe we are uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of shifting security and access controls from the data center or the cloud to the edge. The result will be a single unified platform with consistent adaptive policy informed by a multitude of security signals based on unprecedented visibility into the internet, threat landscape, and environment.

Recap_Blog3_pic2_Day5.pngWe believe this move to the edge will ultimately simplify security controls and reduce risk. In true security as a service fashion, as part of this week’s Akamai Platform Update, we have released new capabilities across our entire security portfolio. Click below to learn more:

With Akamai’s adaptive, intelligent controls delivered at the edge, you can deploy new apps, capabilities, and business models with always-on, consistent security across your entire infrastructure. By leveraging the world’s largest and most trusted edge platform, combined with Akamai’s unprecedented insight and our highly trained security experts, we can help you save time and resources while protecting your business, brand reputation, and customer trust — now and in the future.

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