The Security Digest: Week 25

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  • Vice has a new story about a firm that buys location data from phone apps including a beauty app, an mp3 file converter and an app designed to prevent people from making drunk phone calls.
  • According to Ars Technica, a vulnerability in the WordPress plugin File Manger has the potential to affect over 350,000 sites. Various companies are reporting it being actively exploited to upload malware and webshells. If you’re running WordPress, be sure to update to the latest version and check all of your plugins for updates.
  • Vice talked to researchers from the Annenberg School at USC about a study recently published that shows network shutdowns in various countries in Africa don’t actually help the regimes that implement them.
  • Have your kids figured out the “AI” grading their tests? The Verge has a story about some that have. story ai tests learning education.
  • It’s Patch Tuesday, did you update? More info at KrebsOnSecurity.

Owl fun and facts:

This is a Black Barn Owl or a Melanistic Barn Owl. This is the opposite of an albino owl. This is from a rare genetic mutation, and they can typically only survive in captivity.

A Shout Out:

Ian Coldwater and Brad Geesaman break your K8s again at the latest CNCF conference. Watch their video on how they did it on YouTube.

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