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Online Learning Still Struggles – Especially With Security

Back on Aug. 5, 2020, The Washington Post ran a story titled “America is about to start online learning, Round 2. For millions of students, it won’t be any better.” Here’s a quote from that article:

“’I remember people speaking of the Fourth of July as if everything would be fine by the Fourth of July, and life would be back to normal,’ said Casey Allen, superintendent of Ballard County Schools in Kentucky, which is offering parents a choice between in-person and online school.

“’Now,’ he said, ‘We will be building the plane while we fly it, on virtual learning.’”

The overall security story regarding online learning has not been good. Education Week just reported this week a story titled “Cyberattacks Disrupt Learning Even More During COVID-19“: “Cyberattacks on school districts are nothing new,” the article reads. “In fact, there have been nearly a thousand such incidents since January of 2016, according to the K-12 Cybersecurity Research Center.

“But as schools nationwide are engaged in full-time remote instruction or a hybrid of in-person and virtual learning, such attacks are arguably even more disruptive, both to students’ educational as well as social and emotional needs.”

Sadly, the virtual learning challenge is not just about delivering compelling content that keeps children (of all ages) engaged and growing in knowledge. Numerous cybersecurity incidents are derailing online lessons faster than COVID-19 outbreaks. Consider these news headlines:

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