Cloud Pentesting Certification Boot Camp: The ultimate guide

What is a Certified Cloud Penetration Tester (CCPT) certification?

The CCPT certification is offered by the Information Assurance Certification Review Board to validate an applicant’s skills in cloud hacking and penetration testing. The certification is designed to demonstrate that an applicant has expert-level knowledge regarding Azure and AWS penetration testing and experience in using cloud-based pentesting tools.

What do I need to know to earn a Certified Cloud Penetration Tester (CCPT) certification?

The IACRB defines five areas of knowledge that will be tested in the CCPT certification exam:

  • Common vulnerabilities in cloud environments
  • Security features of popular cloud platforms
  • Cloud pentesting process and requirements
  • Cloud pentesting tools
  • Reporting cloud pentest findings and providing recommendations

The Cloud Pentesting Certification Boot Camp ensures that a student will leave with in-depth knowledge and the required skills in each of these areas. The boot camp includes a mixture of lecture — covering theory and important concepts — and hands-on exercises to ensure that a student has the knowledge and experience necessary to pass both the certification exam and succeed as a cloud penetration tester.

Is there a demand for cloud penetration testing skills?

Organizations are increasingly moving critical data processing and storage to cloud environments. In fact, 93% of enterprises are using multiple cloud environments.

With this increased reliance on the cloud comes a growing need for cloud security professionals. Since many cybersecurity professionals lack an understanding of fundamental cloud security concepts, organizations are looking for cloud security specialists. In fact, cloud security is the top cloud skill that companies are looking for in 2020.

With the need for cloud security comes a need to test that an organization’s cloud-focused cybersecurity defenses are effective. As a result, cloud penetration testing skills are definitely in demand.

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