RSA Conference: A Five-Star Experience in Four Days

Over the past several months, the RSA Conference team has learned to embrace change. Along the way, we’ve even learned that some changes are improvements, which is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve amended the Conference schedule!

Based on direct feedback from our Full Conference attendees, we’ve updated the RSA Conference 2021 agenda from five days to four. As is often the case with major decisions, there is no singular reason for this shift. In fact, there were many factors that influenced this decision, not the least of which is the impact of the global pandemic.

The RSAC team reviews the schedule every year to determine how we can best meet the needs of our community, and we know that many of our attendees like to get home to their families for the weekend, and often opt to leave after the Expo closes on Thursday evening.

The decision to run Conference for four days brings us in line with other events in the technology sector, which average between two to four days. We know that the educational content we offer is what brings the world together at our event, and we assure you that we won’t be making any compromises. Over the course of the four days, we’ll be able to better serve our Full Conference attendees by offering the same breadth and depth of content distributed Monday through Thursday, without the additional half-day on Friday.

The Expo floor hours and configuration will remain the same; however, track sessions will begin on Monday morning and end on Thursday, culminating with the Closing Keynote session. Attendees will also still be able to attend seminars run by our association partners, as well as tutorials. In addition, much of the content offered during the week of Conference will also run virtually.

It’s an exciting change for us, and we look forward to spending time with all of you in May 2021! 


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