Bash Tips and Tricks

I know I definitely identify with being a visual learner, and I am happy to help where I can with creating content for the security/sysadmin (system administrator) field. So, I am proud to announce that we have started a series about Bash Tricks and Tips on our YouTube channel, which will talk about interesting nuances of how bash works and some of the strange/cool things that can be done with it. This series teaches basics and also includes advanced content, so you can learn how to easily navigate through a terminal.

I bring my practical experience of using Linux daily, for pleasure 😁, to try and help anyone who has to interact with a bash terminal. Whether you are a defender trying to secure your machine, and you want to know the potential of how an attacker could take advantage of your system. Alternatively it will also help offensive individuals to know the capabilities of how powerful bash can be, and how they can use it to attack a system.

So, far we have covered how to setup the environment (we use docker behind the scene to help with consistency), rice your terminal (make it looks nice) and I give you my terminal configuration, how to find useful help, being more informed about your environment with only bash, malicious aliases and how to defend against that ( thanks CCDC red team for that 🙃 ), and keyboard shortcuts in bash!

So, go check out the YouTube series here

All the code is on our Github here:

You can either leave a comment on our YouTube videos, an issue in the Github repository, or tweet at me (@RonJonArod, DMs are open) if you have any ideas, suggestions, or corrections for any of the content in  this series.

Have an amazing day, and we look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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