Autonomous Identity: Maximize Your Identity Investments With AI-Driven Identity Analytics

Like most organizations, you’ve probably relied for years on legacy identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions to manage user access, ensure compliance, and protect vital data. Unfortunately, these solutions are falling short in their ability to meet your ever-changing business requirements and needs today. Why? Legacy IGA solutions don’t provide enterprise-wide visibility or identity context. Instead, they operate in ‘identity silos’ based on static data, including assignments, roles, and entitlements. Combined with the increasing volume and type of identities, this can leave your already overburdened risk and security teams struggling to keep up as they manually provision access privileges and rubber stamp access requests and certifications. The resulting operational inefficiencies can leave your teams blind as to who has access to what and, more importantly, why they have access. Without enterprise-wide visibility and contextual insights, organizations will continue to have outdated access rights and privileges, which can leave them increasingly exposed. 

Take heart. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. ForgeRock has developed an AI-driven identity analytics solution, Autonomous Identity, that allows organizations to maximize the business value of their existing IGA solutions by addressing identity and governance solution gaps. So, how is this accomplished? Read on.

How ForgeRock Autonomous Identity Addresses Legacy IGA Challenges 

Legacy IGA Challenge: Identity Silos
ForgeRock Solution: Contextual, Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Unlike siloed legacy IGA solutions, ForgeRock Autonomous Identity collects and analyzes identity data from all data sources to gain enterprise-wide visibility into all identities and their access rights. This provides security and compliance teams with contextual insight into who has access to what and why. 

Legacy IGA Challenge: Access Blind Spots
ForgeRock Solution: Access Risk Awareness

Legacy IGA solutions have user access blind spots. ForgeRock Autonomous Identity increases your visibility by leveraging AI and ML techniques to proactively analyze all identity data and contextually identifies user access and entitlement risk across the entire organization. In turn, it identifies and highlights high-risk access and inappropriate access privileges to compliance and audit teams.

Legacy IGA Challenge: Inappropriate User Access
ForgeRock Solution: Access Rights Identification

Say goodbye to manual rubber stamping and bulk approvals. ForgeRock Autonomous Identity automates the analysis of all identity-related data across the enterprise. By analyzing and quickly identifying the entire user access landscape, organizations can proactively rectify overprovisioned users and outliers, recommend remediation, and automate the removal of access rights when appropriate.

Legacy IGA Challenge: Inappropriate Access Privilege Patterns
ForgeRock Solution: Enterprise-Wide Access Insights

Instead of relying on manual access analysis of security and compliance teams, ForgeRock Autonomous Identity saves time and effort by automating insights into all user access patterns. By continuously ingesting new identity data, Autonomous Identity evolves its machine learning (ML) model to understand dynamic changes within the organization. This enables it to predict and identify outliers, including inappropriate access privilege patterns and unauthorized user access across the entire enterprise. 

Legacy IGA Challenges: Manual User Access Approvals
ForgeRock Solution: Automated User Access Approvals and Remediation

Eliminate the need for manual approvals and remediation. ForgeRock Autonomous Identity enables the automatic approval of high-confidence, low-risk access requests and certifications, as well as the revocation and removal of stale user access rights. This AI-driven identity analytics approach reduces operational access request burdens and accelerates certification campaigns without exposing the organization to unnecessary risk.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity Benefits

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By integrating ForgeRock’s Autonomous Identity AI-driven identity analytics on top of your legacy IGA solution, you can save time and money and meet compliance standards with confidence. Additionally, with the solution’s actionable information, your security and risk teams can quickly and efficiently achieve least privileged access by continually receiving a refreshed enterprise view of all user access rights. 

Maximizing the business value of your existing IGA solution with ForgeRock Autonomous Identity results in improved operational efficiencies and accelerated decision making, while significantly improving your risk posture in our dynamically changing digital world. 

Read Maximize the Value of Your Identity Solution with AI-driven Identity Analytics to learn more about how Autonomous Identity addresses the challenges caused by legacy IGA, or contact us today to start your AI-driven identity analytics journey.

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