The Importance of a Robust Reverse Proxy

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The only constant in this world is change. That statement is no more true than within the technology space as hardware and software continue to change and evolve. Cloud service providers release updates, add new features, or perform minor changes to code on a constant basis, sometimes monthly or even more frequently. Even how users work or use these applications change, from their locations they login from, the devices they use, etc. With all these changes, it’s important to have a security technology that can continue providing protections without breaking.

That’s where Bitglass comes in with it’s robust reverse proxy powered by our unique AJAX-VM technology. Bitglass’ reverse proxy allows companies to provide inline real-time protection to ANY application regardless of user/group, device type/OS, managed or unmanaged devices, and location. This means that any user, regardless of context, will be fully protected and security admins can ensure that sensitive, corporate information is always protected. What sets Bitglass’ reverse proxy apart from competitors is our unique ability to adapt to changes in application code without any need for manual engineering. This means that when an application changes, updates, or adds a new feature, Bitglass’ reverse proxy will continue to work without breaking or any downtime for engineers to update our code. The AJAX-VM intercepts browser system calls from application AJAX during execution and can rewrite URLs to proxy URLs automatically. Also, it supports the handling of cookie requests in order to preserve application functionality.

Guaranteeing protection and high availability is one of the most important tenets of a security technology. Bitglass’ reverse proxy ensures there are no breakage points despite protecting cloud applications that may constantly change and update. This ensures that cloud applications are kept secure and that sensitive information is always protected. With Bitglass’ reverse proxy, companies can apply controls to ensure protection of their data by applying policy actions inline during upload/download across any user or device. Admins can prevent users from uploading unwanted data to cloud applications or apply controls during download to prevent possible data leakage attempts such as blocking downloads to unmanaged devices or applying protections to data during download with encryption, DRM, fingerprints, etc. Only the Bitglass solution can provide full data protection across any application and any device even through changes and updates. Reach out today to learn how Bitglass can help protect your cloud infrastructure.

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