Preventing cybersecurity employee burnout and churn: 6 tips for managers


“Burnout” and “churn” are two words that probably send shivers down the spines of most cybersecurity managers. After all, employees who are “feeling the burn,” so to speak, abandon their current jobs at a much higher rate than happy employees. And with a cybersecurity skills shortage plaguing the hiring field, filling those empty seats may be easier said than done. 

But what exactly is cybersecurity burnout and what are some things managers can do to prevent it? Keep reading to learn what you can do to protect your cybersecurity staff from burnout and churn. 

What is cybersecurity burnout?

Burnout doesn’t have anything to do with fiery explosions. Instead, the word describes what happens when people are overworked and under-resourced. People suffering from burnout often feel exhausted, frustrated, helpless and jaded at work. They may dread coming into the office each day and are likely searching for another job (or at least considering it). Left unchecked, burnout can lead to serious issues like depression, insomnia, substance abuse and even heart disease. 

A startling report by Blind, a social media platform just for tech workers, revealed that 57% of its users are actively experiencing burnout. When over half the workforce in a given industry feels overworked, it’s safe to say that some serious soul-searching needs to be done by company leadership. 

When you can identify what’s causing burnout, you can come up with strategies to combat them. That leads to happier employees, higher retention rates and boosted productivity. It’s a win-win! 

Why cybersecurity burnout is real 

We know that burnout is a widespread issue in cybersecurity, but what exactly is causing so many infosec pros to feel run down? Understanding the factors that cause your staff to feel burned out will put your company in a (Read more...)

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