With everything going on in the world currently, it feels wrong to lament the cancellation of cybersecurity exhibition season in Europe.

Typically a time when vendors and end-users are huddled around busy tables in cavernous event spaces, we have decided to pour our resources into something a bit different and altogether more altruistic: Cyberthon 2020.

We are partnering with the Rant cybersecurity community to deliver an online event aimed at helping our sector raise money for front line carers at the Cavell Nurses Trust.

It’s not all fundraising though.  We will be pulling together some of the industry’s most interesting speakers for a series of short, colourful discussions asking whether the current crisis will help the cybersecurity space rediscover some of the altruism and transparency it was founded on.

This online event will take place on June 9, 2020 between 3 – 6pm UK time.

The charity being raised money for is dedicated to helping nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants suffering from personal and financial hardship. We will donate money for every attendee, so you don’t need to directly contribute. Just turn up and be ready to listen.

Questions and opinions will be more than welcome, in fact we encourage anyone listening to help shape the discussion as it takes place.

A quick overview of the agenda is below:

  • 3pm – Kick-off and introduction
  • 3.15pm – First panel discussion: The roots of cybersecurity: Altruism, community and collaboration – are they still alive in cybersecurity today?
  • 4.15pm- 15-minute end-user talk about disclosure: What is it like to be on the sharp end of the industry’s famous transparency?
  • 4.30pm – Second Panel Discussion: Did the current crisis just redefine what comprises frontline critical national infrastructure from a cybersecurity point of view? Food-chains and remote working providers are all (Read more...)