Women Changemakers in Cybersecurity by Brian Contos

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Women Changemakers in Cybersecurity

Women in Cyber: Below you’ll find one of the largest podcast aggregations of women in cybersecurity on the Internet.

May 6, 2020

Women Changemakers in Cybersecurity

Women in Cyber: Below you’ll find one of the largest podcast aggregations of women in cybersecurity on the Internet.

May 6, 2020

Women in Cyber: Below you’ll find one of the largest podcast aggregations of women in cybersecurity on the Internet.

May 6, 2020

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Sometimes your path isn’t clear until you’ve reached your destination. About a year ago, I started interviewing some of the most talented people in the cybersecurity industry. This started with relationships I made with folks I met at trade shows, partners, customers, and well-known big thinkers in our industry.

When I started interviewing people, I always asked if they knew others in the industry that they would also consider visionaries, experts, and changemakers. Fast forward a few months and I had accumulated about a dozen interviews. I noticed something when reviewing them: they were all women. Through complete happenstance I had begun recording podcasts with some of the best and brightest people in cybersecurity and they just happened to be women. At that point, I decided to focus this podcast on the top women changemakers in our industry with a goal of putting together 30 interviews. We blew past 30 and ended up with 45 podcasts and a new series was born: Women in Cyber. The Women in Cyber series is part of our already award-winning podcast: The Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast, that I started in August 2018.  

Below you’ll find one of the largest podcast aggregations of women in cybersecurity on the Internet. The topics we discuss are extremely diverse, with expertise sourced from red & blue teamers, reverse engineers, hackers, policy makers, lawyers, journalists, venture capitalists, founders, professors, students, and executives. All these interviews are live and freely available through your favorite podcast player – just search for the “Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast”.  

I want to give a huge thanks to my podcast interviewees and bloggers below and to the folks at FireEye, Verodin and Trier & Company who helped to support my endeavor; Kevin Mandia, FireEye CEO; Chris Key, Verodin CEO & Co-Founder; Vasu Jakkal, FireEye CMO; Tracey Moon, Verodin CMO; Katie Billigmeier, Verodin Marketing Communication Specialist; and Daniel Craig, Trier & Company Social Media Director.

All of the Women in Cyber podcasters and their episodes:

  1. Alex Rutkovitz, Co-founder & COO, Choice Cybersecurity podcast
  2. Alexa King, EVP & General Counsel, FireEye podcast
  3. Dr. Ambareen Siraj, Professor Tennessee Technical University podcast
  4. Amber Schroader, President & CEO, Paraben Corporation podcast
  5. Anita D’Amico, CEO Code Dx podcast
  6. Ashley Zaya, Senior Threat Research Analyst Verodin podcast
  7. Athena Contos, Middle School Student & Cyber Bullying Spokesperson podcast
  8. Becky Pinkard, CISO Aldermore Bank PLC podcast
  9. Dr. Chanel Suggs, Founder & CEO, Wyvern Security podcast
  10. Cindy Murphy, President & Founder, Tetra Defense podcast
  11. Deneen DeFiore, VP & CISO, United Airlines podcast
  12. Eileen Brewer, Global Consultant & Angel Investor, Golden Seeds podcast
  13. Elena Elkina, Partner and Privacy & Data Protection Executive, Aleada Consulting podcast
  14. Heather Engel, Managing Partner, Strategic Cyber Partners podcast
  15. Helen Patton, CISO, Ohio State University podcast
  16. Isabel Muench, Head of Branch Critical Infrastructures, BSI Germany podcast
  17. Julianne Cox, College Student & President of Tennessee Tech’s WiCyS podcast
  18. Kaitlyn Bestenheider, Information Security Analyst, Tevora podcast
  19. Kathleen Moriarty, IETF Trustee & Global Lead Security Architect, EMC podcast
  20. Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor, Dark Reading podcast
  21. Kim Hakim, CEO & Founder, FutureCon Events podcast
  22. Kristin Judge, CEO & President, Cybercrime Support Network podcast
  23. Kyla Guru, High School Student and Founder & CEO, Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity podcast
  24. Lisa Huff, VP Sales Engineering, Exabeam podcast
  25. Lisa Jiggetts, Penetration Tester, Dark Wolf Solutions podcast
  26. Lisa Plaggemier, Chief Strategy Officer, MediaPRO podcast
  27. Lysa Myers, Security Researcher, ESET podcast
  28. MacKenzie Brown, Consultant Detection & Response Team, Microsoft podcast
  29. Mari Galloway, Founding Board Member, Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu podcast
  30. Marie Moe, Senior Security Consultant, mnemonic podcast
  31. Mary Haynes, VP, Charter Communications podcast
  32. Mary Mack, CEO & Chief Legal Technologist, EDRM podcast
  33. Masha Sedova, Co-Founder, Elevate Security podcast
  34. Dr. Meg Layton, Director of Engineering Cyber Security Services, Symantec podcast
  35. Monique Morrow, Senior Distinguished Architect, Syniverse podcast
  36. Neira Jones, Independent Advisor & International Speaker podcast
  37. Parry Aftab, Founder & Executive Director, The Cybersafety Group podcast
  38. Quiessence Phillips, Deputy CISO, City of New York podcast
  39. Rebecca Herold, CEO, The Privacy Professor podcast
  40. Roselle Safran, Founder & CEO, stealth mode cybersecurity startup podcast
  41. Sandra Joyce, SVP & Head Intelligence, FireEye Mandiant podcast
  42. Siobhan Gorman, Partner, Brunswick Group podcast
  43. Tammy Hawkins, Director, Blizzard Entertainment podcast
  44. Tiffany Strauchs Rad, CEO & Co-Founder, Anatrope podcast
  45. Veronica Valeros Saracho, Project Leader, Czech Technical University Prague podcast

Women in Cyber bloggers:

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