Show How Much You Miss the SOC With Our Custom Zoom Background

When forced remote work began, employees around the world were introduced to the joys of video conferencing. It has now been roughly two months since the advent of our new, geographically contained work lives, and work-from-home warriors are slowly but surely getting more comfortable with the parlance, decorum and features of video conferencing software.

For example, what began as a parlor trick – changing one’s Zoom background to something silly to incite a colleague’s chuckle – is now becoming a functional method for hiding background clutter and standardizing your look.

So, in the spirit that the snow-day novelty of quarantine existence has likely worn off for many of you and that you may be yearning for the halcyon days of commuting to work and saddling up at your console inside a physical security operations center, we asked one of our graphic designers to create a virtual background that will  not only liven up your meetings but also elevate your mood.

Here is “SOC With a View.” If that doesn’t get your blood pumping…

No green screen is required (although one is recommended if you have it), but uniform lighting and a solid color background will help improve the look of the virtual background.

To get going, right-click the image, select “Save As,” and then follow Zoom’s steps to install them as a virtual background:

1) Login to the Zoom web portal or Zoom app.
2) Go to “Settings” and select “Virtual Background.”
3) Click the plus sign to upload a new image and choose the virtual background you’ve downloaded.

See you in the SOC (wink wink).

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