Q&A: Cyberthreats and Digital Trends During COVID-19

The current state of the world is forcing many businesses and industries to optimize their functions online. But with an influx of traffic comes an influx of risk. PerimeterX co-founder and CTO Ido Safruti and Director of Cybersecurity Research Liel Strauch recently sat down to discuss trends, takeaways and best practices on how to best equip your business during COVID-19. Listen to the corresponding podcast here.

COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on the world in a number of ways. A couple of months into the pandemic, we’ve seen some serious changes in behavior across various industry sectors. Ido, you recently published a blog series where you discussed how various industries are being affected by these changes, including food, home goods, e-learning, travel, fashion, freelance, media and even marijuana segments. Can you explain to us what’s different now compared to before the coronavirus pandemic in terms of the volume of traffic?

Ido: Sure. Obviously, different sectors are impacted in different ways. One thing that is common across the COVID-19 period is that digital transformation has been extremely accelerated for many different sectors. And in some cases, businesses are making transitions that usually take a year or two in a month or a few weeks. And this is the result of another massive trend—consumers are doing much more from home and more online. People are experimenting and adopting more technologies because they have no other option. We’re talking about e-learning, about retail, and finding out that you can buy anything online from grocery stores or from any other place.

We’re seeing a huge spike in traffic across multiple sectors that are offering digital goods or digital services, as an alternative to other ways of consuming them—from e-learning, to food delivery and even to marijuana delivery. Some of our (Read more...)

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