Office Work: Will we ever go back?

By any measure, the number of professionals working from home (WFH) has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Public and private sector organizations quickly adopted telework practices for many staff, and in most cases, the results have been better than expected.

So will we ever go back to the way things were before the pandemic? New studies suggest the answer is no, and expanded telework may be a lasting positive result from this global pandemic. Even for those who are heading back to the office in coming months, get ready for massive changes and many months of social distancing between people, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and much more.

Here are some recent media headlines and snippets of relevant stories on this surge in telework and coming next steps:

Forbes: Will We Return To The Office After COVID-19?

“Firstly, how has work changed during the pandemic? Data from software company Box highlights that one of the first casualties of the shift to home working has been the traditional 9-5 office hours. With many of us juggling home and family responsibilities, especially with school closures placing expectations of home schooling onto working parents, Box found that lunch breaks are a luxury many can no longer afford, with work done outside office hours growing by 20%.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, their data also reveals that digital collaboration is growing, not least in the public sector, where collaboration has risen by 142%. …” Office work will never feel the same after the coronavirus pandemic

“Working from home means I don’t have to go anywhere. It’s perfect! It gives me the freedom to do what I want and work still. This is the perfect job for me because the office is boring. In the 21st century you don’t have to be around people to communicate (Read more...)

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