Imperva Cloud WAF Customers Can Easily Integrate Advanced Bot Protection for Increased Security

Almost 25% of web traffic is bad bots, and only growing both in volume and sophistication. This information and more is available in Imperva’s annual Bad Bot Report 2020.

What are bad bots?

They are not benign. Bad bots plague websites, mobile applications, and APIs with the goal of high-speed and difficult-to-detect abuse, fraud, and attacks, costing businesses billions. Bad bot operators, attackers, unsavory competitors, and fraudsters leverage bots to perform a wide array of malicious activities, including web scraping, competitive data mining, personal and financial data harvesting, brute-force login, digital ad fraud, spam, transaction fraud, and more. As the bot problem becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s also more widely understood so more companies can proactively protect their organization.

What does Advanced Bot Protection (ABP) Stop?

Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection enables true defense-in-depth security by delivering bot protection in a single stack model while making deployment easier, faster, and more flexible than ever. ABP defends mission-critical websites, mobile apps, and APIs from automated threats, including web scraping, account takeover, transaction fraud, denial of service, competitive data mining, and more without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic.

How does this help current Imperva Cloud WAF customers?

Imperva Cloud WAF customers are looking to deploy flexible and easy-to-manage solutions that don’t compromise security, reliability, or reporting. Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection solution integrates quickly and seamlessly within your Cloud WAF environment, enabling:

  • Defense-in-depth solution
  • Imperva’s best-of-breed solutions to work together
  • Better performance and availability
  • Fast deployment

Valued Imperva Cloud WAF customers now have access to Advanced Bot Protection, which fully integrates industry-leading bot protection technology into our Cloud Application Security platform.

Are you ready to test drive Advanced Bot Protection? Contact us to set up your free trial and see how many bots are on your website

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